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I love the stuff. My mother used to get pickled herring for us but my aunt and grandmother used to make it. Always loved it.

So I have access to a lot of salmon for the next week and I was thinking I'd try to do some pickling. Question is - has anyone done it?

The basic routine is to salt or brine it for a day or more. The next step is the one I'm not sure of. Some people rinse it and start layering onions and pickling brine with the fish, others suggest poaching it for a few minutes to kill whatever worms might be in the fish, which people tell me can be an issue with some fish from the Great Lakes like pike, trout, whitefish, etc. So some people freeze or poach before pickling the fish.

Others don't. I'm inclined to do a really short poaching of the fish, but don't want to ruin the texture. Any suggestions?

The apartment is vinegar heaven at the moment. Just got 35 pounds of plums so I'm making plum chutney while I figure out what to do with the fish. That's on top of the watermelon rind I have in the fridge from a few weeks ago.
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Originally posted by bomba503:
I hate pickled anything but then you know that already

And I was all ready with a cool pack to ship you my first batch!

I'm with Irwin - I eat it as often as I can. But I agree that pickling after poaching doesn't sound right. So here goes. I'll give it my best shot. If I never post again, you'll all know why.
Pickling can have different levels.

Sushi was originally pickled and fermented. What separates the great from the average sushi chefs IMO is their skill with pickling to make very ordinary fish extraordinary.

Kohada, or gizzard shad, is tasteless and bony but is transformed when salted briefly and washed in vinegar.

Anybody with a sharp knife can make o-toro delicious because it's already innately delicious. The real masters know how to make the humble sardine transcend the toro.
OK - to do a test run, I bought some salmon from Costco. Not knowing how fresh it was, I brined it for several days and then poached it for a few minutes, immediately rinsed it, and then put it into jars with onions and a brine that I'd made with vinegar, juniper berries, peppercorns, etc.

Texture was pretty interesting. I haven't soaked fish in salt before but I'm thinking I may do that in the future before grilling.

But poaching definitely changed the texture. Not bad, just not what I wanted.

It's raw here on in.

WAFE - Passover staple? So while I agree with you on the rollmops it appears you're not the Seventh Day Adventist we all thought you were!

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