Looking for buying guidance. Anyone have any thoughts on these wines as far as quality, how they are drinking and how these prices look? TIA.

'98 Beringer Chardonnay Sbragia Lim. Res. $34
'99 Beringer Chardonnay Sbragia Lim. Res. $34
'00 Louis Michel Chablis Vaudesir $34
'00 Domaine Joseph Matrot Meursault Charmes $32
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Of the 2 Sbragia's, I had a '99 in May, and my notes indicated that I loved it, and it was drinking very nicely. I gave it 93 pts. My notes also reveal that I had another bottle in September that I noted had dropped off quite a bit. Still a nice bottle that I rated 90 pts.

Bottom line. If I knew ahead of time that I was going to replicate the 93 pt experience, I would pay $34 without question. But for the 90 point experience I would pass.

You might want to try a bottle and see what you think. It is definitely an over-the-top California Chardonnay with gobs of butter and nicely (some would say overly) oaked. If you lean more toward Chablis, the Sbragia isn't for you.

I would certainly pass on the '98 Sbragia.
I never had the '98 Sbragia, but the '99 was a great wine. Like Jimmy says, this the American oaky wine, not a mineral, flinty Chablis style, but I appreciate each for its own merits. Parker gave the 1999 a 94 and said to drink til 2005.

Just one more sip.
Another vote for the '99 Sbragia. I had it last year next to a '99 Peter Michael Mon Plasir at a tasting and everyone preferred the Beringer. Also, that is an AMAZING price for that wine!

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Well, I've never had any of them (so what the heck am I doing in this thread? Smile ).

As far as the Beringers I would never buy a '98 blind. In general they are below average. Any time I've had a N Calif '98 next to a '99 of the same wine I've always preferred the '99.
Thanks for the input all. I dont' drink a lot of white wines, but have been investing in a few. I too typically prefer the french version of Chard and currently have '97 Roland Rapet Corton Charlemagne and '00 Brocard Chablis Fourchaume. However, I haven't really had any Calif. chards that would be rated more than decent I don't believe. I'll probably pick up a couple of the '99 Beringer. But it sounds like no one has first hand knowledge for the french wines. I do know that Tanzer rated the Louis Michel 90 pts and the Matrot 90, while WA gave the Matrot 89-91 pts. Not sure if that warrants $30+, but do seem like good prices according to wine-searcher (Michel normally sells for about $45 and the Matrot for between $40-$50.

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