I am in the minority opinion on Peter Michael reds. I will reiterate that before half this board jumps down my throat -- I know that most people here disagree with me, but...

I think that Les Pavots is a very good CA meritage. It is in the same price range as Phelps Insignia and rightfully so, but, while I've only had it twice, I was not wowed either time. And I've had th '96 which many people say is the best vintage Peter Michael made. (I hate to sound so stuck up or blaze..."as good as Insignia" as a negative, but I've heard people on this board talk about this wine as if it is the quality equivelant of Shafer HSS, et al, and I don't think it is -- in fact I'd probably take a bottle of Etude over it, even at the same price.)

For the past three years the Moulin Rouge has been my favorite CA Pinot Noir. 90% of the reason I signed up to be on the PM mailing list is to get my hands on as much Moulin Rouge as possible. For what its worth, I'm told many of the people at the winery agree with me that it is their best wine, though it seems to be the wine that gets the least amount of press.


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I'm with Whiner15 on this one...though my experience with Peter Michael's wines is limited to one bottle of 1997 Les Pavots, I was definitely underwhelmed, and will not be paying $150 for this juice again.

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I'm a huge Les Pavots and Insignia fan. The Insignia appeals to my cab lover side, whereas the Les Pavots appeals to my cab franc side. I would compare the Les Pavots more to the Viader than the Insignia. All of these wines are great and I would recommend them if you are willing to pay $100+ per bottle (Viader is slightly under).


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