going to a Persian restaurant tomorrow night. It's a BYOB place. There is a chicken dish with lemons, and one where the chicken is stuffed with dates or figs.
Food is a little spicy, but certainly not hot. Mediterranean type appetizers--hummus, etc.
Wine matches?
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There are loads of Persian restaurants near me. I'm not a big fan, but figure on the same wines you'd take to a Greek restaurant. The cuisine features earthy flavors and there's rice in many of the dishes. Don't expect finesse.
Stick to Pinot Noir and southwest France or mediterranean countries for good wine matches. Any wines with a good level of acidity will do well with these foods. I think you'll have fun, which is what's its all about, right?
Originally posted by irwin:
I'm thinking Spanish. Maybe I
have a Cahors in the cellar somewhere.

Yeah.I was thinking of that too. A young rioja will cut through anything!! Big Grin

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