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I'd like to throw out here a few "perfect" pairings and maybe come up with some others...

- Pinot Noir and salmon
- Zinfandel and barbeque (or pizza)
- Riesling and Thai (spicy) food
- Sauvignon Blanc and oysters/shellfish
- Bold Meritage and lamb
- Pinot Gris and halibut (whitefish)
- Malbec and grilled steak & onions
- Cabernet Sauvignon and bone-in rib-eye steak
- Merlot and grilled foods/meat

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Originally posted by JHM:
- Pinot Noir and salmon Also pairs well with roast chicken, duck, pork and many other meats
- Zinfandel and barbeque (or pizza) BBQ what? Way too broad
- Riesling and Thai (spicy) food I prefer a Gewürztraminer here
- Sauvignon Blanc and oysters/shellfish No, no, no. Oysters = Champagne or a Chablis. Most shellfish go well with Champagne and Chardonnay
- Bold Meritage and lamb Syrah is the classic pairing for Lamb
- Pinot Gris and halibut (whitefish)
- Malbec and grilled steak & onions
- Cabernet Sauvignon and bone-in rib-eye steak And good, strong cheese
- Merlot and grilled foods/meat Make up your mind on the grilled pairing. Merlot goes most places a Cab goes, but can pair better with less hearty red meat dishes
Sauternes with Foie Gras as a starter then finish the bottle with Creme Brulee for dessert.

Zinfandel with Pizza
White Zinfandel with male bodily fluids. Not that I've tried it.
Pinot Noir with chicken or turkey. Champagne works too, if it's Pinot based.
Pinot Noir with pork sometimes.
Shiraz with The Daily Show.
Mexican Beer with Mexican food. Negro Modelo if you have it.
Sapporo and Sushi. None of that Canadian Asahi thank you (imported my arse), and Sake sucks.
Pinot Grigio with NOTHING. EVER.
Cabernet (Sauvignon or Franc) with a good steak.
Syrah with Lamb shanks.

But my absolute favourite pairing is
Whatever you're pouring with whatever you cooked.
Originally posted by Berno:
THIS is the perfect pairing: Sauternes-Roquefort/Foie Gras

Agreed. I also like

Goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc (Loire ideally)
Duck with Cabernet based wines.
Osso Buco (not tomato based) with Brunello.
Thai food with gewurztraminer (or German riesling in a pinch).
Salmon with new world Pinot Noir.
Pasta with wild boar ragu and Brunello.
Chocolate and port.
Thanks all for the (better) suggestions...kinda knew that there was plenty of room for improvements here.

One thing that I've found challenging to pair is whitefish dishes that have a Mediterranean or tomato base. In particular, a sea bass in a broth of tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, and med spices...not sure to go Pinot Noir route or Barbaresco...? or whites...??
I'm against "Perfect Pairings". It keeps people from trying new things, gets them over obsessed with purchasing choices, and limits fun, creativity, and self expression. It also induces undo stress and mystery into enjoying wine. Your guests, the weather, the time of day, time of year and a thousand other variables will effect the sensory appreciatioon of any wine and food combo, making perfection a silly idea.

Strive for excellence, not perfection.
I'm now reading a book called _Perfect Pairings_ by one Evan Goldstein. I was surprised to read that "... Lamb and Pinot Noir are time-honored partners, ...." And there's a recipe of lamb kebabs to pair with "aged, developed" pinots. Now, I must admit I've never tried this pairing but lamb is one of the stronger flavored meats in my experience and I've always chosen a pretty robust wine to go with it.

Anyone have any good experiences with this pairing?

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