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For any doctors out there:

I am taking antibiotics (amoxicillin) and am wondering about mixing alcohol with them. I completely forgot to ask my doctor when she gave me the prescription. I've always heard and someone even said to me yesterday that alcohol lessend the effects of the medicine. Is this similar to the other stuff that was told to me all of my life that is generally not true? So I am seeking the advice of professionals (drinkers and physicians) to see what the best course is. I have some 01 Paolo Bea Montefalco Rosso that has to be attended to this evening and should plan accordingly. Thanks!
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it doesn't lessen it, it pretty much kills it Frown and it makes your liver work overtime on top of it. if you start drinking alcohol while on antibiotics, you might as well stop taking medicine altogether, wait a day or two and start the medicine course again. don't start drinking untill at least three days after the course is over. trust me, you will need your liver. take care and get well.

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Many people can take amoxicillin with moderate amounts of alcohol, but discretion is always best. It could cause stomach upset. In the past, my doctor has told me not to have more than a drink a day, and to do so between doses.

Some medical literature claims NO problem, but most suggests caution.

For instance (from WebMD):

"Alcohol may irritate your stomach if taken with amoxicillin, so use it with moderation," just as my doc says.

Certain newer anti-biotics (Levaquin) I have been told I can consume alcohol on -- and I have done so with no negative effect (so far as I can tell). I believe you are not supposed to drink any alcohol when taking Penicilin or any other antibiotics in that family (Amoxicilin, etc).


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I had taken Penicillin at different times for years. As a kid, the only thing that would kill a strep throat was Penicillin. Then two years ago I caught my first case of strep in 25 years. Doctor gave me Penicillin. I took one of the pills and within 2 minutes (literally) the roof of my mouth went numb, my teeth started tingling, and my throat and neck swelled up to the width of my head. I guess over the years I had developed an allergy to it at some point, but had never had an allergic reaction to anything before. Luckily the hospital was close and after a large shot of Benadryl, I eventually returned to normal.

Even though alcohol wasn't involved, after this episode I don't even consider taking a chance. Who knows how one's body will react.
i actually had strep. man, that sucks and thanks for the well wishes. i talked to someone at work that basically just surfs all day and was pointed to a site (
that contains this info:

GEORGE NEGUS: Dr Nick Carr set out to do some medical myth-busting.

DR NICK CARR: When I was a young doctor, I found that whenever I prescribed antibiotics for someone, they always said to me, "Doctor, I can't have a drink "while I'm on these, can I?" It wasn't something they'd taught me in medical school. I had a good look in the books - couldn't find anything about it there. So I wondered, "Where does this story come from?" Well, the myth began at what used to be called the VD clinics - what are now known as the sexual health centres. The first true antibiotic was penicillin. It proved remarkably effective in curing some very nasty ailments. The problem was it didn't stop people having a few drinks and having more fun.

DR NORMAN ROTH, SEXUAL HEALTH PHYSICIAN: If they took alcohol while on penicillin, they might get frisky and pass on the disease before the penicillin could clear it up.

DR NICK CARR: So it's nothing to do with a real interaction between penicillin and alcohol?

DR NORMAN ROTH: Nothing to do with the pharmacology, no. It was a moral agenda to keep people under control.


DR NICK CARR: So dismiss the myth. There are plenty of reasons for being cautious about alcohol, but taking penicillin isn't one of them. In fact, it's OK to drink alcohol with nearly all antibiotics, though just a few might make you nauseous. So read the label carefully.

So, maybe it's alright to mix penicillin and alcohol? I bet the cool kids do it, so if I want to be cool...

Thanks for the input from you guys. I just had some wine that needed to be checked out. Fortunately the wine and the antibiotics didn't kill me.
I believe there is some potentiation between tetracycline and alcohol. Other than that, antibiotics and alcohol can actually be taken together, although alcohol will slow the absorption of the medication. That said, don't take any medical advice you read here as gospel. Ask your physician and follow recommendations.

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