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Paging the Ontario forumites. If any of you have had this before is it worth buying? The SAQ just released the 2017 for $37 and I'm curious about a blend of riesling, chardonnay and gewurztraminer.

I did search and saw that Bytown Rick had it last year and while his description of "funky" does tell me a little, it doesn't say if that's good or bad.


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Steve,  here is the winery's description, which may give you bit more of a feel for the wine.

"A mercurial and fluid blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer, the 2017 Irrévérence is the next step in our exploration of skin-fermentation. After 3 vintages of Cuvée Blu, we half-discovered and half-stumbled on a way to use this process for the structural and textural enrichment of certain wines. A wine with enveloping perfume that shines with golden nuance and delicate floral notes. The palate flows in unexpected ways - caressing yet unrelenting; lively, yet smooth. Exceptionally dynamic with a wide variety of foods, this is a wine possessing of flavor harmonies we have not encountered before, but are more than thrilled to have on our hands.  1999 cases."

I liked it, and still have a few bottles left . . . 

Rick, I did see Morissette's comments but I don't usually put much stock on what a winery says about their own children. Your comments otoh are very viable, as are Vinoevelo's. Need a tie-breaker!

CSM, good point about Niagara gewurz. I hadn't really thought about that but now that you mention it I can't think of any which made a positive impact. BC does a much better job.

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