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Originally posted by Board-O:
There's a steakhouse in Mendham, NJ that makes outrageously great French fries. They use steak fat.
Which one? We're not too far from Mendham.

As already answered... yes there's a risk for people w/ allergies to peanuts. Since we fry our turkey, we buy the huge vat of oil at Costco. However, Board-O is correct. I've seen the Planters brand in the supermarket.
Remember that a peanut allergy is different from other nut allergies. If you are allergic to peanuts you are not necessarily allergic to hazelnuts and vice versa. A peanut is from the pulse family, so it is more pea than nut. A true nut is found inside the stone of a fruit. The walnut fruit is a foul, bitter green fruit that can only be made edilble by pickling. Most people discard the fruit and nab the nut inside.

A lot of manufacturers do not distinguish between the two so peanut oil maybe made on the same production line as walnut oil. Some people think it hysterically funny that on a bag of peanuts it says "may contain traces of nuts" but this is because of production lines not because of the peanuts.

Check with your Doc as to which allergy(ies) applies.
There are a few different types of peanut oil.

The highly refined type available in supermarkets is a high smoke point oil, good for deep frying and stir frying, or any high heat cooking. It has little or no peanut taste.

There are also lighter refined peanut oils, that have a much lower smoke point and a more defined peanut taste. Generally these oils are darker than the highly refined oils. If you try and use one of these for deep frying or stir frying, you'll have a smoky sticky mess.

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