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I was looking into picking up a case of Pax Syrahs. Can someone clue me in as to what type of style they are made in? I have recently been shying away from the big Aussie Shiraz like Mitolo, and Mollydooker. I don't really care for those wines. My favorite wines are Rhone Syrah and Grenache based wines. Are the Pax wines at all similar in style to those? Do they age well, or do they still taste like grape juice after 5-7 years of bottle age.
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Before someone jumps down my throat, I'm not an Aussie hater! I do enjoy the Amon Ra, and I also enjoy some wines like the El Nido Clio.

I may have posted prematurely... I was just trying to get a little more information before spending $600 on a case. I was able to find a few bottles at a retailer that I buy stuff from. I'll just pick up a bottle from them to try it out.
Woodchuck - they're big wines. But they're also really well made and not quite as jammy as SOME Australians. Don't forget - Australia makes many different styles.

For my money, the Castelli-Knight Ranch is the best. It has the big fruit that the rest do, but also has the spicy peppery notes that you find in really good Cote Rotie, for example. So it's unique in that it is a little like ripe California crossed with the cool climate Rhone. Just a great wine IMO.

And different from most Cali syrah.
I really enjoy the Griffin's Lair. I have been getting that one based on the recommendation from the winery. I told them that I was looking for one that most closely resembled a Cote Rotie and that is what they recommended. I find that it has a lot of the meaty, smokey flavors that I find in Cote Roties. Good luck.

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