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Ny Retailer, I don't need it to be in the area. I just thought if it were in the area the selection would be more specialized and they may have osme more unusual choices like a pv or sangio etc.

gfm10, I agree, looking at all the fine shops listed in this thread Wades Wines was mostly what I had in mine. Thanks again everyone.
Originally posted by Dom'n'Vin'sDad:

Try Acme in St. Helena and ask for Scot.

Carrie and Randy are great at Napa Wine and Cigar. I am sure that Carrie is much too modest to respond.


Carrie and Randy are truly great people over at Napa Valley Wine & Cigar.

And while I haven't personally done a lot of business with Acme yet, a very good collector buddy of mine swears by them. They were also nice enough to fly out one of their guys, and supply some great wines for a VIP tasting event for a small group of us AZ wine geeks. Real class acts.

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