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My wife and I are going here over Labor Day weekend for 3 nights. I've read a few older posts but I couldn't really find a comprehensive one with Hotels, Dining and Winery recommendations. If there is, please help out and post a link, otherwise it would be great if some members can help out with suggestions.

From what I've read (and tasted) so far I plan on hitting up Villa Creek, McPrice Myers/Barrel 27 and Herman Story. Maybe on Calcereous, Turley (do they taste?), Denner, Linne Calodo, Justin and a few others. Yah, I'm here for Rhones.

For dining I've read recommendations for Villa Creek, and a few others that I can't remember right now.

And I couldn't find anything for lodging. Is downtown a nice area to stay?

Anything else I'm missing?
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Turley does taste out, you'd have to call Denner beforehand, they ran out of wine...

Herman Story should have their new tasting room open. Russell is a really cool guy.

Villa Creek was okay. Artisan was a nice meal, though...

If you hit Tablas, Adeladia and Alta Colina are near by. Both high QPR producers...

As far as lodging, I'm no help. Motel 6 all the way!
Downtown is a great place to stay. Nicest place is Hotel Cheval. Paso Robles Inn is also suitable.
I love Villa Creek for dinner. I have heard Bistro Laurent is good, as is Artisan. For Italian, Buona Tavola.
The restaurant at Justin is also good. They have lodging there too.

I am not familiar with McPrice Myers/Barrel 27 and Herman Story. Please post notes.

Other favorites are Terry Hoage and RN Estate.

Recent recommendation I have not tried yet is Ecluse.
Originally posted by LHHman:
Also Saxum and L'Aventure make outstanding Rhones. And if you have some real pull, the best of the best there is Alban Vineyards but I have not been able to get in.

I think you would have had to buy a whole lot of wine from Alban to get in. Similar with Saxum, you have to be on their allocation list.

L'Aventure is a walk-in tasting but you probably won't get the good stuff. I dropped off their list because the minimum purchases got too high. I think Hoage is a good substitute.

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