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My friend and I just arrived in Paris and we have no idea what sort of wine to purchase for our day to day consumption. Something moderately priced (8 to 15 euro). There are many stores, markets, etc. that carry wine (obviously), but being from Washington and fans of wines there, we tend to only purchase west coast wines -- we love merlots, pinto noirs, cab/merlot blends, etc. We tried a Bordeaux this afternoon, but found it sort of sour and not that appealing (and it was about 8 euro a bottle.)

The man at the store that did not speak good English (and our French is, well, really bad) was trying to tell us that the different colors on the cap of the wine bottle (that covers the cork) designated quality...but if that's the case this "green wrap" wasn't very honest!)

Any recommendations from folks that have visited Paris and know the situation we are in?

We'd appreciate it. Cheers,

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I know "Grand Cru" and Premiers Cru" are the best to be had.. But they'll not fall within your budget, I shouldn't think..

The good news is that in Europe "Estate-bottled", "reserve", etc. actually MEAN something..

Have fun, guys! You lucky stiffs!


There are 4 "ranks" a French wine falls under that have to appear on the label (by law!):

Appellation Controle'e , or AOC, or Simply AC

The highest rank. The wine region might apear between the "A" and the "C" part..

I.e. Appellation Bordeaux Controle'e

Vins Delimites de Qualite Superiere or VDQS..

2nd best.

Vins de Pays : Country wines. 3rd..

Vins de table Vins de table. Table wine. 4th..

Hope that helps
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