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i'm doing a bison roast this weekend, starting to think about what to pair with it.

any suggestions would be helpful...


There are many options here, but specifically I'd consider something from the Northern Rhone (Syrah).
Bison is much like beef in flavor, but leaner. As with beef, the wine choice depends on how it is cooked, other flavorings, and side dishes.

A big red is called for. Sarbuze steered you correctly with the Northern Rhone. Other Syrahs may match your tastes and the preparation. The last time I cooked bison it was braised in red wine and paired with a 1998 CNdP. A mature Cab will work, but a young tannic red less well because of the extreme leanness.

i am going to rub with fresh sage, sear and then roast to med rare.
roasted baby potatoes and braised carrots on the side,
i have some wild asparagus growing in my yard, if i can collect enough i might use some as well.

i have a couple of 01 e guigal cdp's that i'm leaning towards.
I find bison to be about somewhere between beef and venison when it comes to fat content, depending on the cut. As you mentioned, I would cook it no more than med-rare, unless it's braised. If cooking med-rare, you could go with a moderately tannic wine, like an aged syrah or CdP. Even a Priorat or Barbaresco might be a good match, depending on the sauce, or other factors.

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