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Going out tonight for Indian food to a place where you bring your wine/beer from home. We are meeting another couple. They love wine, but don't drink beer.
So, what wine goes with Indian Food?


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Irwin, I have an Indian chicken recipe and a nectarine chutney dish I prepare which cannot be better paired than with with a good fruity, acidic, Alsatian gewurtztraminer. Riesling would a good second choice. The curries in Indian food can get pretty doggone hot. For my tastes, the gewurtztraminer, and riesling stand up well as would a New Zealand sauvignon blanc to the heat in the chiles (curries).
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Thanks for the suggestions.
We wound up with Marquis Phillips 2002 Shiraz blend, I think called "Sarah's Blend". It was fine.
(The other 3 persons don't care for white wines, and I should have noted this in the question).


"Outside of a dog, a book is probably man's best friend; inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
-Groucho Marx
If RHB is from an Indian family then he won't notice the hot spices quite as much as the underlying flavours. He probably doesn't believe in Vindaloo anyway (although Vindaloo normally believes in everybody else) as real Indian food is just gorgeous.

I have Punjabi and Gujerati friends and the food is just so wonderful that it makes your average Indian restaurant seem, well, average. I've also had Tamil food and that's wonderful too as is proper Pakistani and Bangladeshi food.

However, in an Indian Restaurant - sixteen pints of lager: each.

Lady K has started the website:
At the risk of receiving another dose of gratuitious abuse involving port, I'll say that I asked this very question last year and the consensus, by a wide margin, was gewurtztraminer. I served three different kinds with the meal and all went well.

I must also say that, having lived in in India and Pakistan for 8 years, I can't imagine too many south Asians who drink drinking anything but beer, ideally something lighter like Kingfisher, with spicy authentic (or not, for that matter) India food. But as someone said, if you like it with wine, then it matches well! Smile

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key features:

If you don't drink warm, flat beer with a curry, why drink warm flat wine with it?
wine for spice's naturally semi-sparkling raja rosé, viceroy white and rani gold
wine to add a sparkle to curries and spicy food

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