I had fish tacos tonight for dinner, and had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with them, because I really didn't know what wine to open. The tacos were in corn tortillas, with cabbage, onion, cilantro, salsa verde, and a squeeze of lime.
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The best match would be Jennj07's original idea of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

If you must pop a wine, choose one under $5, b/c anything better doesn't deserve to have salsa, cilantro and lime inflicted upon it.
I agree. NZ SB's are always great, and Kim Crawford is one of the best, but I wouldn't put it with tacos. Cilantro and lime (some lime) do amazing things with a good Pinor Noir or Geturtz, but then there's the salsa. Plus, wines in the price range of a _good_ PN or Gewurtz aren't what I'd have with tacos.

An inexpensive reisling (Washington state), or gewurtz would be fine, but in the summer, with Tex-Mex, I'd go for the beer. I'm particularly fond of Mexican beer like Bohemia or Dos Equis at times like this.
I'd have to say go with a Bohemia beer. It's my favorite beer from Mexico.

I like your fish taco recipe. You make, in my opinion, the classic fish tacos that you get in Baja California.

Corn tortillas

The only thing absent is some pico de gallo (diced tomato, onion, cilantro and serrano chiles)

In mexico, many taco stands use mayonaise on fish tacos. Sounds strange but it's wonderful. Look for Pico Pica hot sauce, and mix a 1-1 ratio of mayo and this hot sauce. It goes great with fish tacos and makes the cabbage taste like a spicy cole slaw.

I've never thought of Mexican food as something to drink wine with. Beer beer beer. If you must drink wine, make sangria Smile
Agreed with New Zealand sauvignon blanc. I personally like Nobilo icon, when I put Habanero in my dishes like Crabcakes, the Nobilo really stands up to the habanero, in fact I like to say the Nobilo tames the heat from the habanero a little bit.

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