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Need some recommended pairings for a classic gazpacho soup.

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My wife makes a wonderful gazpacho. There's a little wine vinegar in it, but it's not at all dominant. Maybe an unoaked crisp white like an Albariño, Vermentino, or Sauvignon Blanc. Some people enjoy Sherry with it. Champagne might be OK. It's not a dish that cries out for wine.
I had some gazpacho the other night at a local Indian restaurant. They called it "Monsoon Soup".
Anyway, I had it with a glass of Pine Ridge Viognier/Chenin Blanc blend. I thought it went nicely.
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A simple rose comes to mind.


I second this...served al fresco.
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fino sherry. why mess with a classic pairing?
Yeah, I think that is the best as well. I like my gazpacho with a lot of vinegar but it doesn't make it very wine friendly. If not sherry than a simple rose or sparkling wine could do.
Fino sherry is the classic pairing Roll Eyes
I, on the other hand, would recommend a rather neutral, refreshing wine such as a muscadet. I, have not experienced a large variance in the three main 2011 offerings by Domaine l’Ecu, all well under $30. Light, refreshing, non overpowering, exactly like your gazpacho, absolutely!
I'm loathe to disagree with the exalted WFE, however having had, and possessing a few more, 2011 granite & orthogneiss i would save those for oysters and stick to the fino
Thanks guys. We are cooking next Sat for two vegetarian winos, so we are trying to come up with a few veggie courses and pairings and have been stumped by the soup course.

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