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Any suggestions on pairing for the following courses would be appreciated:

Spinach salad with bacon and buttermilk/blue cheese dressing

Scallops wrapped in pancetta with rosemary

Beef tenderloin rubbed with mix of ground ancho, fennel seed, and anise (thinking Cab based on the tenderloin, but new world syrah based on spice rub)
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NV E Barnaut Blanc de Noirs Brut worked very nicely with the first 2 courses, with the bubbles cutting through the richness of some of the ingredients.

With the tenderloin, I liked the Cline Mourvedre suggestion, but not having one in the cellar I pulled an 01 Torbreck Steading (GSM blend). Rich and spicy enough to stand up to the tenderloin and its seasoning. Enjoyed by all! No need to hold 'em if you've got 'em, but not likely to decline any time soon. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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