Here's a focused exerpt (from 2001 Pride Mt. Top Merlot):

"is a candidate for the finest merlot-based wine I have ever tasted from northern California...It's that spectacular...and I'm not a fan of New World Merlot! "


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1. Described the 1997 Pahlmeyer Merlot as "liquid snickers".

2. Agrees (mostly) with the 2001 Paloma and Pride (regular) merlot scores. He gave the Paloma 94 points and the Pride 92 points.

I think he may be coming around the corner on Northern Cali merlots.

As for Pahlmeyer, the scores were measurably higher (avg. 5 points?) when Turley was consulting for them. Erin Green seems to be earning better scores recently, but she's still not receiving the 95+ scores that marked the middle 90's for Pahlmeyer.

The 2001 Pahlmeyer Table Red received a 91+.

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