Hi Tdub, this thread was initiated by a recommendation from Parcival in the "Class Tasting Partner" thread. I am working through the "Understanding Wine" classes and posted a thread to see if anyone would be interested in going through the tastings with me via Skype. I also noted that I was in the Phoenix, AZ area if someone on this forum happened to be nearby and interested in being a tasting partner for these classes. Parvical recommended that I "page" Tdub here since you are apparently in the Phoenix area. Thus I wanted to follow-up on that so let me know what you think and maybe we can organize something. Thanks!
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I'll shoot Tdub an email to tell him to look in this section of the forums.

Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, tend to neglect this section. I wind up looking at all sections almost every day but might only come by to this thread every few weeks

No reason other than the fact that new posts seem to crop up in this section relatively infrequently
Thanks so much Parcival! I appreciate it. I just got back from wine tasting in Oregon (and am almost done with the Wine Spectator class) so I would love the opportunity to do some additional local (AZ) tastings and try to put some of my new-found knowledge to use. Smile

Thanks again!

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