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hi powell. my wine trip to the bay area is only a week away. i'll be flying into SFO next thursday (8/18) afternoon, and will be in napa/sonoma through the morning of wed. 8/23, when i hit the road up into oregon. it would be great to meet up with you and some other forumites to share a few bottles (as you mentioned in a post a few month's back). will you be in town? wineries on my short list to try to set up visits to are neal, pine ridge, del dotto, shafer, phelps, swanson, pride, viader and hess. well, let me know if we can work something out.
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There is a dinner tentatively planned for the 20th at Domaine Chandon with seats available if you would like to join us. If this for some reason falls through, I am sure we can get some folks together for either the Sunday or Monday night of your visit.

You can probably knock out Phelps, Shafer, Neal and Viader all in one day, Friday or Monday would be your best bet on these four wineries.

Swanson, Pride, Lewelling and Karl Lawrence would make another nice full day. Make this either Friday or Monday as well.

Pine Ridge, Hess and Del Dotto should be grouped together with another one or two walk-ins on Sunday.

Saturday would be a good day to spend in Sonoma trying to avoid crowds, if that's actually possible.

Let me know what you think.
powell: that's a perfect itinerary. actually, already am planning to do sonoma valley on saturday because that's the one night i already have plans. so i think it's pretty unlikely i'll be able to make your dinner. sunday or monday night would work for something casual. let me know what you're thinking.

questions: 1) you say friday or monday. would tuesday not be as good a day? i still have to schedule 2 or 3 work interviews and that could take me out of the mix on either friday or monday, especially if i go into san francisco.and 2) del dotto does cave tours on sunday?

maybe instead of me taking up more board space, u would want to e-mail me.

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