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Te Kairainga has two levels of pinot the reserve and the standard. If its the reserve go for it. It's excellent stuff. Beautiful fruit, great structure and big tannis ,this will be drinking well for the next couple of years.
The standard label is still nice but isn't as robust but is very well structured, will be drinking well now but don't bother cellaring.
Looking through my notes I gave the TK Reserve PN 2000 90/100, and the Te Kairanga 2000 PN 87/100.
Both good wines. These are scored on technical faults. Personally I've always felt them a little heavy handed, but some people like that. If I recall you enjoyed the Ata Rangi and if so you will probably enjoy the Te Kairanga.
I wouldn't pay more than $35 NZD ($17.50 USD)for the Standard label and about $45 NZD ($22.50 USD) for the reserve.
The Reserve Chardonnay is exceptional.
All the vineyards are terraced and Te Kairanga is amongst the largest producers from Martinborough.
Hope that helps.

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