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Hi, I've read the threads, but I'm still a bit confused on the exact string of events for Friday. Is it GAME/HAPPY HOUR/DINNER ? If so, where is Happy Hour? I'd like to NOT have to go back to my hotel pre-dinner, so to confirm that jeans are OK for dinner?

thanks, sorry to be a bother, but I'm traveling that entire week before for work, coming straight to Chicago, and then I continue on for another 10 days without going home, so packing is KEY!

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TB- the plan was to do happy hour at my house. The problem I've encountered is that my 4-year-old daughter is having her tonsils out 3 days before that, so having the house full might not be ideal. We're trying to line up help for during the day so that I can make this event happen.

Jeans are definitely ok for dinner, BTW.

More to follow.

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