Paging all Aldo Conterno Fans

That's the puzzling thing. I called K&L and they told me yes, it's about a change in distribution but the wine's in Italy and will be shipped in the fall. I don't get the logic - why would a local importer would be dumping wine that's still in Italy? But those CA stores do direct imports so maybe they were able to take advantage of the change in relationships somehow.
Don't know but both Woodland and K+L seem to have grabbed the exact same deal because they both know what the other has and what the prices are - they're w/in a couple of bucks of each other or identical. And the wines are coming in October, so who knows?

I'm kind of curious tho because usually on something like that, it gets picked up by others pretty fast and so far, nada. Someone sent me a note saying Rimmerman was trying to work some kind of deal too but I have no clue about that.
FWIW, here's a note from Italian Wine Merchants. Sour grapes? Who knows.

" "A week after the death of Barolo legend Aldo Conterno, a vindictive European broker flooded the market with Conterno's wines at simply unbelievable prices; he wanted to bury the Conterno brand along with Aldo. Essentially, the broker chose to use Conterno's death as a springboard to jettison all the wines he had in storage in as a retaliation to the estate's firing him months earlier. I was more or less the first person this broker contacted and could have bought the entire collection. I must admit that the prices were so tempting that I was compelled to think twice before turning down the offer. However, I had no other choice; I'd tasted various wines from this broker's cellar in the last couple of years and had come to the conclusion that there were big problems with the way he cared for his wines. I had stopped purchasing from him because many bottles showed storage issues--there were wines damaged by heat, wines damaged by exposure to the elements --and I couldn't in good conscience bring my clients those bottles, no matter how tempting the prices."
Sorry, Greg, been busy with all sorts of stuff.

So, I brought up Conterno at dinner. The Sorting Table had dropped them about 2 years ago and this was not their inventory.

But they told me about the Italian broker, who repped the wine all over the world for COnterno and how dishonest he was. He would undercut people. sell to other people's clients, etcetcetc. Made it impossible for anyone to do business which would explain why no other importer has picked up COnterno in 2 years in the US.

Also probably explains why the guy was fired. And he had lots of inventory, and he is dumping it.

I have no idea if the wine is well stored. I would assume that Sergio's email is a bit off track. These wines are expensive. No one would want to cook them, except Southern Wines & Spirits!
No. Heard a couple days ago from someone who spoke to a couple wineries with the same broker. Provenance wasn't a problem and supposedly some of the wines are actually coming from the winery anyhow. The broker is POd because the family got rid of him so he's dumping. Standard procedure. FWIW, the guy who told me has plenty of Italian wine, property in Piedmont, and still couldn't pass up the deal himself.
Just got an email from K&L. Seems they are trying to resolve any conflick that may have occurred from their competitors.

"It’s been a little over a month since we first introduced the Aldo Conterno offering of older vintages and extreme savings. As we mentioned at the time, and still believe today, this is easily the finest opportunity we’ve ever encountered in terms of picking up tremendous Barolo at a massively reduced prices. The response from our customers has been overwhelming, making it the biggest Italian email we’ve ever done. Unfortunately, however, it was not so sweet for one of our competitors, who got shut out from the offering and decided to take out his frustrations by badmouthing the supplier we’re working with on this deal. Sour grapes! Despite obtaining some leaked correspondence where this character tries to get us cut off (our prices were too low and “ruining the market”), we decided the best move would be to send our Italian wine buyer Greg St. Clair back to Italy to visit the warehouse and sample the Conterno wines randomly. He was very happy to oblige, having already visited this temperature controlled facility many times and tasting these same wines on several occasions over the years. Long story short, Greg found the wines to be exceptional (again), and we continue to press forward with the greatest Barolo buying opportunity in our 36-year history."
I, too, bought from this offering. K&L is a top-notch operation, so nothing to worry about there.

I doubt I'll touch any of these wines for a few years (although I may open one of my '04 Romirascos sometime in the next couple years, on the strength of some glowing CT reviews from people who I trust).

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