What wine goes with Paella?

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I think it depends a little on what you put in your paella (ie. only seafood or with chicken and/or sausage) but I always lean to rioja or ribera del duero. Seems so natural.

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Oh how my mouth is watering. If only they served paella in the hospital cafeteria...

Anyways, a good gamay or grenache or even a sauvignon blanc.
With seafood Paella I like to have cava. My favorite is either Anna de Codorniu, Jaume Codorniu, Juve Y Camps Millesme or Segura Viudas. Occasionally I will have a red with it.

The meat (Valencian) Paella I like to have a old style rioja like a Muga crianza, Marques de murietta Y Gay, Or I will have the Gotim Bru or the Tres Picos from Borsao (Grenache)

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Castel del Remie Planell Blanc is a Sauvignon Blanc blend that I think would be good with seafood Paella. I tasted this next to Mar de Frades Albarino and liked the Albarino better, but maybe that was because I wasn't expecting a Spanish Sauv Blanc.

In any event, I have VERY little experience with Spanish wines, so don't pay too much attention to me other than I concur that regional dishes are usually best with wines from the same region.
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My wife loves making Paella, but I'm not sure if it is because she loves the food, or just wants an excuse to drink Spanish wines. We usually serve it with wines from Rioja or Priorat.
I had a 2002 Sineann Pinot Noir at Helios that went very well a couple of weeks ago.

Friday I made my own bizarre Paella (Mussles, Pink Shrimp, Sturgeon, spicy Cajun Sausage, a sliced Pabllano pepper, yellow beets, single tomato, garlic, maui onion, saffron, fresh basil, oragano and tyme)

I had an Albrino from Galacia and a Rousanne/Marsanne blend from California. Both went well.

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