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The date is March 29. I'm working on a lesser corkage fee than we've paid here previously, and perhaps a new venue. That and everything else to be decided later, for now, please indicate your interest and how many, so I can get an idea of numbers.

How about some of the new Ottawa Forumites signing-up, so that we can meet and expand our little band of two (three counting Luc)?
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Been there, done that, just about a year ago. No need for peas, for me.

However after he finished the Doc said I might want to just sit around for 40 minutes of so. I said 'no problem, I feel fine' and walked out. About 20 minutes later, driving home, I felt a very serious need to pull off the road and just put the seat all the way back and chill, sure to pass out any minute. I DOES pass, but holy smokes, just be prepared for your body to react a little after the deed is done. Wink
Speaking of male sterilization and turning family models into sports coupes, I'm happy to see that there is some interest in the Ottawa offline.

I trust Bman will find a very suitable venue for all to enjoy. Any thoughts on theme? I await with interest and look forward to seeing everyone.

I see the TWC still remember our last trek to Ottawa in March, and shy about committing. Wimps, I tell you! C'mon gents, don't let the talk of vasectomy scare you off. Have some.....
you know!
My better half has a commitment so I would be solo

It will definitely be a much less classy affair without J, but it wouldn't be an Ottawa offline without Steve8 and Mimik! Big Grin

Dok, I suggested above that the theme be any mature/aged wine, say 1998 or older. What do you think? I'm happy to go with the flow if anyone has other ideas.

Also, while we have seen record snowfall this year (over 9 feet so far, the second largest snowfall ever and going for number one!), it has to stop sometime (please God, please.... Frown) and most years the snow stops falling by the end of March.
Updated participants list:

Dokta P - 1 (with continuing hopes for 2! )
bman - 4
a Product Consultant to be named later - 2
mimik - 1
Steve8 - 1

Dok - we'd need at least 14 to cover the minimum at Beckta, which is another reason I'm looking elsewhere. If you have your heart set on it, let me know and I'll try to reserve it (you know I like it a lot too) but we're trying another BYO place tomorrow night.
This is really shaping up to be quite an offline.

It'll be great meeting members of the MWP again and seeing old friends.

Looking at the numbers, are we looking at 2-3 separate tables and each bring their own, or should we bring 2 x 750mL or magnums. Personally, the former may be more practical since otherwise, the pours are miniscule.
What say ye Bman?
I put our current headcount at 12, which we could probably manage with one table and one bottle per person, as we'd each get two ounces. Last time, we were more (16 I think?) and I invested in a bunch of those nifty plastic automatic one-ounce pour things that are used for spirits and liquers, but I agree that one ounce is pretty small. If we get above 12 people, we can decide then how to proceed.

I've been in touch with a couple of restaurants which I've heard are good. The websites are here:

I've asked for a flat-rate for corkage and menu ideas, and will post again once I have them.

Here's an updated participants list:

DoktaP - 1 (with continuing hopes for 2! )
bman - 2
a Product Consultant to be named later - 2
mimik - 1
Steve8 - 1
Impulse - 2
KSC02 - 2
Vinaigre - 2
Hi, thanks for including us and it's our honour to finally meet you and attend. I will do my best to bring a couple of good bottles.

Is this blind or are we going to tell what we are bringing? I have not decided yet Frown

Also please advise if we are each bringing Porto? I'm a bit confused.

I am happy to bring whatever is requested as long as I know what everyone else is doing

Interesting questions. Blind vs. non-blind?
Surprise or declare? Ports? How many?

Judging by the number of responses, and now that we're up to close to 16, do you think we should have 1 large table, or 2 smaller ones? Personally, the smaller tables work well, providing everyone is open to sharing things that are deemed "exceptional". Otherwise, the pours are miniscule.

Inquiring minds are interested.

KSCO2-leave it to me and I'll try to come up with something of interest.

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