OT: "Your one experience" Now, you can't even look at it.

What is your one booze (non wine), you can't even go near.

Meaning, almost everyone I know has that one drink, based on a fairly nasty experience, that they can't go near.

For me, it is no contest: SOUTHERN COMFORT.

I was about 16. Drank a whole bottle with a friend of mine. Blackout out, was sick for a week, parents had to get me, the works. I am 37 now. I literally still cannot stand the smell or the sight of anyone drinking it. It is my Kryptonite.

What is yours?
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It really depends on the night and mood that I am in. For the most part I can drink Jager and alot of it, but at times the sight, sound, smell and anything else makes me cringe! Figure that out.

If I had to pick one that I just constantly stay away from I would say: wow- I'm picking my brain but can't think of any and I have had my share out blackout/pucking the lights out nights! JOse Cuervo is the main one that makes me puke (maily after a night with about 10 shots and beer), but how do you turn down a shot of tequila?

Tough question and unfortunately I have no answer!

I don't particularly like whiskey and bourbon but I still won't turn it down.


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Drank them on a hot summer night after playing golf. Went to throw up out the window of my friends car-missed and left a shrimp hanging on the door panel! He was not happy needless to say. Haven't had a martini since and that was in '86.

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back in college, we took a road trip up to Truckee, and I made a big jug of screwdriver which I drank on the way up. When you sit in one position, you don't really feel much so you chugalug. When I got out, it all hit me at once, instant blackout, and I must have passed out in a friend's living room.

I came to the next day to find the girl I had gone up with getting cozy with someone who lived in that house.

I couldn't drink OJ for over a year.

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I've got two:

#1) Bacardi Dark Rum - was 16 and drank 1/3 of the bottle on empty stomach. Passed out throwing up all over the basement bathroom in my house. Parents found me covered in it. Sick for a week. Can't stand the stuff to this day, 15 years later.

#2) You said non-wine, so this probably qualifies Wink Blush wine served in a carafe at a convention banquet when I was 17. This 21 y/o woman and I were sneaking this while sitting at this table with our parents. Drank WAY too much. Was throwing up out the back window of my parents mercedes for the 1 hour trip home. My dad had to wash the car off when we arrived. To this day blush wine is the DEVIL.


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Creme d'Menthe

When I was about 16 my friend and I got into my friend's parents' liquor cabinet and filled up an empty bottle with a little bit of each of the clear liquors (gin, rum, vodka, vermouth, etc...). To top it off, we poured some creme d'menthe to cover the taste of this concoction, and then proceeded to drink it all over the course of the night mixed with Sprite.

I puked for about 2 days after that, and still cannot stand the sickly sweet minty smell.
It was in on a cold winter night back in the college days...

Started with spiced wine before heading out to dinner with a friend at around 9:00pm.

Red Lobster was the dining destination where we had a few cocktails.

A small party after dinner lead to some beer consumption.

1:00am rolls around, and someone had the bright idea that I should go get the bottle of Goldschlager from my apartment and I complied.

Need less to say, after that I was not in a good shape, especially considering I have to leave at 5:00am to catch a flight to Taiwan... Roll Eyes

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Halloween, 2001. Not a pretty sight. Partied my ass off. Gave my keys to my roommate. I passed out, woke up, went outside and passed out in the front yard up against a tree. Woke up again, and walked 5 miles at 3 in the morning back to my place in a drunken haze. We had just moved out earlier that day so the place was desserted, and I didn't have my keys... but damn if I was going to sleep outside like a bum, so I jimmied the window, crawled in and passed out like a log in the shower. Woke up 3 hours later with cold water beatin down on me. Smile

To this day, Gin is my enemy.

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We could've done the youngin's - gray hair thing here, too! This could have been:

All of those who's biggest bender was before 1990- reply here!


PS- I have given up all alcohol except for wine and beer. (I don't drink less, just less things!)
DJ -- I'm with you.

Gin! uggh. to this day, I can't even smell it without feeling queasy. Consistent with the theme of this thread, it was senior year of college. The bar we were at was having $1 one-liquor drinks and I proceeded to drink roughly 12-14 gin & tonics (I was actually keeping count & lost track at 11) over the course of about 3 hours.....

for the grey-hair v. youngin' debate, this was 1996.
I was tempted to say "Jagermeister", but I think it's just common sense talking, there.
BTW, I've heard almost everyone alive has a Jagermeister story to share. Is this true with you?

For me it is rum. Mid-80's, I spent a week or more in the Virgin Islands, and every drink you're handed has some kind of rum in it. I think they mostly used the local rot-gut, Cruzan, which was going for $2 a bottle at the time.
Ugh, it's been almost 20 years, and I still can't stand the stuff. Red Face Mad

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Originally posted by Raincheck:
Hands down: OUZO

I'll spare the gory details. Eek

Ditto. The one detail I'll put in is that my digestive system went into full reverse without any warning, so no I didn't get away from the table. Frown

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Di Saronno Amaretto

Even the sight of a bottle or the smell of almonds makes me queasy now...When I first moved out of my parents' house at the age of 18 into an apartment with 2 roomates, we had a party the 1st weekend...someone convinced me to try a drink called an "amaretto slammer"...said you slammed the drink down as fast as you could...I woke up VERY sick and hungover. I feel sick thinking about it.
where the teach you that you shouldn't be afraid of any form of alcohol. I do not have an alcoholic kryptonite.

But my wife has a Goldschlager story that I should share here....

Long long before she knew me.....

My wife was in graduate school and very vigorously celebrating her 24th birthday with some friends. Goldschlager shots were the order of the night.

The next morning, my wife (let's call her "She Who Must Be Obeyed") woke up very very hungover and had the obligatory day of barfing. Well around mid-morning (okay, it was 4:00 pm), "She's" phone rang -- one of her drinking buddies called. "She" made the mistake of telling her friend she couldn't remember anything about the night before -- how she got home, etc. Well her friend seized the opportunity to tell "She" that she was making out with an especailly unsavory guy and the two of them had left the bar together. "She" was, of course mortified, and started having nightmare thoughts of STD's etc. Her friend didn't let her off the hook until the next day.

To this day, my wife won't even chew "Big Red" chewing gum because it smells like Goldschlager....

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Cuervo Gold

we had a tradition after functions at my frat to have "beer & eggs" the next morning out in front of the house (if you were the $h!t you didn't go to bed at all)...

my first bite of rare-steak and runny, over-easy eggs after pounding a Rolling Rock @ 7 a.m. induced the nastiest Cuervo-coated vomit this side of the Mississippi... of course i was being cheered and "patted" on the back the whole time by the brothers. straight out of Stand By Me, i made a girl puke from the sight (and i'm sure the smell)... can't remember anything after that. just started to be able to drink Tookillya again 5 years later...
Jaegermeister and Goldschlager (sp?). I cannot recall heaving on either but I drank so much of this sh!t in my single days that I cannot tolerate even the smell of either. Both win the prize for worst hangovers!

Worst drink I have ever had? Some crazy Euro-crap called Unicum (sounds delicious, huh?). Yes, this is a real alcoholic beverage. Comes in a funny looking bottle--has anyone else heard of this. It's truly awful. Eek

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