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Working in Altamonte Springs, FL for a couple days. Can anyone recommend a wine friendly restuarant within a 30 minute drive of here?

Would prefer innovative menu, fresh ingredients with pleasant atmosphere and superior service. Type of cuisine not as important as how well it pairs with the wine. Medium to high budget ($30 per person for food + extra for wine).

For wine list, would prefer to find wines priced at no more than 2x retail, served at proper tempurature from respectible, properly sized glasses.

Any (and all) recommendations greatly appreciated.


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Understanding that this is late I post it with the hope someone will need it in the future. As a local in Orlando we are blessed with too much quantity (due to tourists) and moderate quality. I would reccommend, first and foremost, Restaurant K in College Park, about 10 minuted from Altamonte. Great Chef, small, classy place, strong wine list although not large. ALways a top spot for locals who appreciate a great meal/wine/atmosphere combo.

Second, if Italian is an option, you are only about 5 minutes from one of the best places in all of central florida, Antonios in Maitland. Unique in that there is a downstairs which is more casual (although mostly the same menu at upstairs) and set in a wine store type setting. Good selection, $5 corkage fee. If you are up for more formal there is a very nice setting upstairs, broader menu, fantastic service..a real winner.

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