Hi everyone:

I have been lurking around these forums for some time now, and have finally worked up the courage to post something.

I'm fairly new to the world of wine, and consider myself a wine-novice at best. From the wines that I have drunk so far, I have gravitated towards Bordeaux and some California cabernet sauvignons. As my knowledge builds, I hope I can eventually add some pearls of wisdom to the boards.

I have a question for the board members. Has anyone purchased wine online from Costco? I saw that they have some 2001 Bordeaux's that I am interested in purchasing, but since I have never purchased from them online before, I am a bit leery. What have your online Costco purchasing experinece been like-especially the wine purchases? Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the boards!!! I have only been posting a short time myself, but it's worth doing so. I've benefited a great deal from the people on these boards. As far as costco online purchases go, I have never bought from them online because there is usually a costco nearby wherever I go. So, my question would be, if you are concerned about purchasing online from them, why not simply go to your friendly neighborhood costco? In any case, costco is one of the most consumer-friendly stores I have ever shopped at. I can't imagine there being any sort of problem.

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absinthe 24,

Thanks for the welcome.

I would go to my local Costco for the purchase, but it seems the one near me doesn't have the wine I that I wanted. I have checked several times, but to no avail.

However, I think you're right. Costco is a very consumer-friendly store, and I doubt I will have any problems with any purchases.
I've bought some wine from Costco online. No issues. Would buy them again.


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Where are you from? Seems as though the Costco's in the west coast, and maybe some east coast areas, are the only ones that receive decent wine selections. If you are somewhere inbetween, sounds like you have a better shot dealing w/ a local wine shop.

Welcome, by the way.


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I'm from Southern California. The Costcos I've been to have some pretty good selections, but their website has some wines that the brick and mortar stores that I've been to don't have. So that's why I'm contemplating purchasing from their website.
Hi embl. Not that I'm a Forum veteran, for which I feel pretty stupid, but... Welcome. There are plenty of Costco endorsements on this Forum that you can search for.

Also, other than weather issues (too hot for shipping wine) I would trust online Costco purchases more that other online retailers. At least you have a local store to return it to if you have any problems with it.

It seems that Costco is limited to a very few states to which it can ship, but it's still more than a little frustrating to see something online that I can't buy in my state -- Texas. I don't feel too left out, tho. My local Costco has better prices than anywhere else in town, even if the selection is pretty small and there is no help. IMHO, Costco is for casual drinkers who only want what is cheap or well known, and seasoned wine buyers who know what they are looking for.

Notwithstanding the above, since Austin is a hippy, not-too wine-friendly city, I was stunned at how fast my local Costco sold out of 2000 1st Growth Bordeax.
Being from So Cal too, I went today to Costco(in Garden Grove) and the wine selection was a joke there.
I'll have to try some others but I was really disappointed...
I've bought from their online selection and have been happy. In fact, I just bought some 2001 Cos for $50/bottle. You're right that the current in-store selection is poor, but online they have some pretty good wines.

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