Yuk, right?

Not hardly.

I had dinner in Atlanta at Rathbun's. The waiter suggested this dessert as one of his favorites. It was absolutely one of the best desserts I have ever had.

So....off to the recipe files we go. We've found a few and have had nice success with them at home. They are simple, and extremely tasty.

I had never heard of this dessert, much less ever tried it.

Has anyone else tried this?

Does anyone have an especially good recipe for it?
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Thanks. I've dined at both of Kent's places here in Dallas; Abacus and Jasper's (Plano). Abacus is one of my favorite haunts here in Dallas.

WiML is correct (Spock always is)....we've met several times....once at Chateau Wine market long ago, and a few times at various offlines. We'll make sure we make a better connection next encounter.

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