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I've had many of the Pride wines back to '92. I can't remember any of them being what I'd call considerably over the hill, the closest probably being a '92 Cab Franc not too long ago. Some, like the '95 and '96 cabs, are maturing though I'm not sure they're any more enjoyable than they probably were on release. I also think there was a clear stylistic change starting with the '00 vintage. While I didn't try anything pre-99 on release I've tried many of the earlier vintages either a year or so from release or from large format - I can't see how the pre-00 vintages are very similar to anything since. The pre-2000 wines in general seem less dense, more red, and without quite the boldly spiced vanilla oak that that newer wines have. I have no desire to hold any of my remaining Pride wines (just a few bottles of the '02s).
Pride became a "popular" winery when Robert Parker bestowed a 95-point rating to the 1993 Claret.

There have been several style changes at Pride through the years. The 1991 wines (their first vintage) were not made by Bob Foley so they are very different than all subsequent vintages. The 1992/3/4 vintages were less oaky than subsequent vintages, the 1995/96 vintages highly extracted and tannic, the 1997/8 vintages perhaps the best made by Bob Foley, and since the 1999 vintage the wines have noticeably lower acidity (IMO in some cases to the point of being flawed).

IMO the only Pride red wine that has improved with age is the 1991 cab. All others, while having the ability to age for 10-20+ years, have tasted best within the first couple years of their release.

I can only speak on behalf of the regular reds. I do believe that they are stylistically not for everyone (few wines are). Inspite of their wines not being varietally distinct,
I think the reason you've found so few notes on older Prides is that they are near their best (and consumed) soon after relaese. Also production was about 1/3 of current levels back in the early days.

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