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It is officially vacation season, nearly every magazine from Redbook to Newsweek is featuring articles on vacations, tours, trips, packages, great hotels and spas, camping etc.... So, where are you headed? Any interesting forays into interesting wine regions? Are you likely to travel abroad this year or are you still more comfortable staying close to home?
July brings a bit of everything for us, we will be in Washington State over the 4th, Napa around the 11th and then a Mediterranean cruise at the end of July, we will actually be in Athens 5 days prior to the Olympics; that should be interesting!

Just curious as I love to travel and I would love to hear some of your destinations for the season.
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One of the beautiful things about living in Spain is that you're entitled, by law, to one month of paid vacation each year. Traditionally, this is taken in the month of August; Madrid becomes a ghost town. The wife and I are planning a trip to Switzerland for a week, and then two weeks in Ireland to visit some friends. We'll probably spend the last week in Segovia where my in-laws have a vacation home.

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans. -Woody Allen
Rik, I always thought Rutland was part of Jutland. Big Grin

We'll be joining a lot of others in WallaWalla and Seattle for the early July festivities there, home for a day, and then we're going to spend the next 5 or 6 weeks doing something I've wanted to do for many years: explore Canada. We're going to take a [moderately] leisurely drive all the way across the country, visiting every province except possibly Newfoundland, all without any itinerary. I look forward to exploring some small towns and talking to a lot of strangers. I've lived here all my life, yet have spent very little time vacationing in this large country, outside of BC. I have never seen the Prairies or Atlantic Canada, except from the air. Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City are the only areas I've ever spent any time in east of BC. I'm buying a new car this week (probably an Acura with a remarkable navigation system that seems presently to be the most advanced one available) to make the trip more comfortable.

Next summer (2005) we'll be in southern Europe for 5-6 weeks. We've never been to Spain or Portugal, so at least half the time will be spent in one or both of those countries. The northern half of Italy, the Cote d'Azur, and the Iberian peninsula are definitely included. My wife and I are still debating whether to spend a few days in London or in Paris to begin the trip. Apparently, as I'm getting a new car, that decision will be entirely hers. Big Grin


My wife and I will be having our second child at any minute now, so if we travel at all, it will be to steal a quick trip to Chicago.

But one of our two-and-a-half-year-old's favorite books, sometimes,is the book you implicitly cited, Dr. Seuss' "The Places You'll Go." I'm sure we'll be wearing the binding off of it reading two children to sleep.
We'd love to travel far, but last summer's European holiday has yet to be paid for, so this summer travel will be modest.

We have what has turned into an annual family reunion at my Dad's cottage in Muskoka, aka Coattage Country, a couple of hours north of Toronto, in late July.

Funny you should ask the question now PE, as I've just spend much of the past few days trying to put together a one week family road trip to either Maine or somewhere near NYC, using Marriottreward points. It's difficult to find places that will accomodate the four of us (two full-grown teenagers of opposite sexes means three beds) without using too many points. If we can get in to the Residence Inn in White Plains (summer points discount! Smile), and if we decide that we can afford it even with the free hotel, we may do that in early August. We started our married life in NYC almost 20 years ago and would love to show the kids our old haunts.

We could also possibly be enticed into an offline in Chicago, if the TWC and CWM decide to join forces for a summertime event....

Bruins rule!
June - six days in a cabin on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

July - Eleven days of simple beach time in the Carribean

October - 14 days bicycling and touring in Italy

Taking a strategic supply of wine in June and July; I've learned that even a modest bottle of wine from home is better and cheaper than what I'll find on the random menu.
My best friend is getting married in London England end of June so my wife and I will be heading there. Then its off to Paris for a few days, then Bordeaux (July 1st to 4th for the Bordeaux wine festival), then its off to Nice to spend the last 5 days of our holidays on the beaches.

The last half of July will be in the Okanagan (Vernon and Kelowna) visiting family and doing lots of wine tours, and more laying on the beaches! A summer full of fun sun and wine!

My only scheduled times off this year are for fishing. Tuna trips, for 1 1/2 days each, once every month from May through September. Then a three day fishing trip to Sitka for salmon, halibut, etc in August. Other than that, work?

And I retired almost 5 years ago!

Forgive me for I have Zinned, and will again ...
In early July, we'll be in Armenia and Azerbaijan on business. In mid July, we're going to Albania for a few days, then traveling by ferry across the Adriatic to Italy (mostly Tuscany) for a couple of weeks including stays in Florence, Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Cortona, Pisa and the island of Elba. Also Assisi on the way back to Albania. Then back to the Republic of Georgia where we're living for the next couple of years. In August, we're possibly planning a trip to Paris, Bordeaux and then down to Rioja in Spain. Whew.
Every summer it's seems to be geared around a baseball tournanment. This summer it is going to be during the last two weeks of July in the area of Orlando, Florida. Most likely renting a house in Claremont. Not sure of the spelling.

This weekend will be in Frankenmuth, Michigan for the World Expo of Beer.

Cheers to GrapeFriends!
Originally posted by bman:
We have what has turned into an annual family reunion at my Dad's cottage in Muskoka, aka Coattage Country, a couple of hours north of Toronto, in late July.

When and where are you going to be in Muskoka, bman? This year -- as with each of the last 35 -- I will again be summering in Muskoka. Big Grin

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