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KB and Birdungy - are you guys available for an offline? Bman is coming over to my place at 12.00pm on the 30th, and you're welcome with partners if you'd like. We were thinking of tasting some 2003 Alsace Gewurtz (in line with the TAA for July), though I'm not sure how many bottles we can manage - they can get a little over the top (may need to throw a few other varietals in for sanity). Let me know.
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Aussie - thanks for the invite. It's on a Saturday and getting to London by 12:00 on a Saturday is proving slightly difficult ATM. Trains are not leaving Coventry station at the weekends. They are not arriving either. It becomes a bus terminus for all days beginning with the letter 'S' until mid September.

This is not a first refusal, just a guarded approach.
Aussie/bman, sorry , but will not be making it on Saturday. With the train/bus situation we would have to leave early. As both of us have had weeks from hell we would like to sleep and then do something else. Thanks fo rthe invite but will have to see you next week.

I could make it down during the week though for an evening. Obviously not too late but for a meet-up.
Originally posted by bman:
Salmon sounds good, I like most things (unless they're gross of course!).

KillerB: what are the chances of you joining Stevie and I for a late lunch on Thursday August 4? We are meeting at my office in Grosvenor Square. I may be able to take that afternoon off, if so I will suggest a wine bar or BYO.

Sounds good - I could probably make that. It's my brother's birthday but I think he will be cowering in a zoo on Jersey.

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