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I don't know if this would be of interest to anyone on the board, but I've got four tickets to see the Nets play the Raptors in Toronto on Fri. Feb 20th at the Air Canada Centre.

Unfortunately I can no longer go, and was looking sell the tickets for face value. Lower bowl, platinum seats - Section 118, Row 13. Right behind the Raptor's bench. They are $180CAD a piece, so $720CAD for the set (approx. $550USD)

If you're interested, email me: futronic<nospamforme>

Remove the <nospamforme> to get the email address.
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Should of tried selling them last week or so when they were riding the 5 game winning streak as opposed to now while they are riding the 4 game losing streak Big Grin
Futronic, as you may already know, there are a bunch of "ticket brokers" (formerly known as scalpers) around town who may give you a reasonable bid for your tickets, although it will almost certainly be below the face value.
Yeah, I called a couple today and I think I'll bite the bullet tomorrow and go with one of them. It's better than nothing.
I have a good client who might want them, rather then a can e-mail me with your bottomline if you want and i'll foward Thanks

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