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We stayed at the Hotel Aressana in Fira during Sept 11-13, 2001. It was a wonderful place right at the centre of town about 50 feet away from the cliff face. The hotel was quite charming and would be a great place for your honeymoon trip. They also gave us good recommendations for restaurants.

(My only complaint was that there was that the only English TV available was BBC International. Considering that the terrorist attacks in NY occured just as we were unpacking, I wished we had CNN available.)
Ah, Santorini. A great place.
We were there for just a day so I can't recommend anything, but be sure to go to the end of the island with the artists colony, which I think was called Ea, but I could have that wrong.
If you like blue and white, it is a beautiful place.


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If you go to Santorini, you HAVE TO stay in the caves on the side of the Caldera. We stayed at Aeolos Villas in Imerovigli which is a beautiful 10 minute walk to Fira.

You could try Firostefani too. A bit closer to Fira and a bit more expensive. Fira itself is a good place for dining and wandering in the day time but it lacks ambience - and it's usually full of cruise ship commandos.

If I can pass on any more info on Santorini or Athens, let me know.
Some TNs on Santorini wines can be found here:

Wines of Santorini

As for the restaurants, all serve typical Greek food (in a more or less touristic fashion), none were particularly bad or particularly memorable. And be prepared to pay 30% more in restaurants with caldera view. Don't limit yourself to Fira however, rent a car or motorcycle, you can drive across the whole island in 30 minutes.

We stayed in Kafieris Studios in Firostefani (10 minutes from Fira), a smaller and relaxed place with not too luxurious but large appartments. Vulcano View south of Fira is another hotel I visited and heard good things of.

For sure it's one of the most beautiful places I know!

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Originally posted by irwin:
mwagner: What are you doing for the 1st part of your honeymoon? (But remember, this is a family forum).

My fiancee and I are headed to Tuscany for the first week. We'll stay in Siena, tour wineries (in Montalcino), visit the shopping districts (for her of course), and see the towns. Next, we'll head to Santorini for the second week. Any recommendations for either Siena or Santorini are appreciated!!!
This is directed to your fiancee,given you mentioned a shopping outing for her, from another recent bride with a love of designer handbags...

In looking at potential first anniversary trips, I found out that there is a Prada factory store somewhere near Siena. I read about it as part of a culinary/wine tour of Tuscany, so unfortunately I don't have any details. I'm sure if she's interested someone locally could direct you.
Originally posted by AES:
This is directed to your fiancee,given you mentioned a shopping outing for her, from another recent bride with a love of designer handbags...

AES, you hit the nail right on the head!!! Not only Prada, but apparently, there is a HUGE outlet center (similar to the Woodbury Commons here in Harriman, NY). I'm told they have all the famous Italian designers... Hugo, Prada, Fendi, Zegna, etc. I think it is located in a town called Arezzo, which is around 40 miles NW of Siena.

If shortlist is out there, he can certainly give us more details!!!

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