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This is sort of (but not really) off topic.

My wife and I will be back in Oahu for the first time since '95. We will be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Anyone have any recommendations for restaurants with decent wine lists and good food?

Also looking for any golf recommendations. We have played Koolau (and it was magnificent).

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is Padovanti's in the bottom of the Doubletree hotel, but not part of the hotel itself. Phillipe Padovanti, the chef, was at the Maui Ritz-Carlton, and does a great job...but the wines are the real attraction IMHO. I think they have something around 60 wines by the glass and a very extensive wine menu. They also have a wine bar, upstairs if you just want to drink some wine. I believe they do wine tastings also on Friday evenings, but call them and check it out. The best part is that you can walk to it from the Hilton Hawaiian Village (its a couple of blocks up Ala Moana Blvd.

Also, L'Uraku, kind of Japanese/French as I recall, but what I do remember is that we had the Martinelli Reserve Pinot Noir 1999 and it was on the menu for $50! It was on Kapiolani Blvd, over by the Ala Moana Mall and Park, but you will need a cab or car to go there.

Tell us about your experience when you return. Aloha.
We had an outstanding meal at Alan Wong's in early September. given your "still hard to find" comment, I think it is in the same place...

Another outstanding meal was at Chef Mavro's. I forgot what his entire name is, but he was the chef at the Four Seasons Maui & somewhere else before venturing on his own. We had the tasting menu there and it was excellent. About the same price as Alan Wong's - roughly $200 for 2 w/wine & tip.
Again, thanks to all for the input.

WIML - Kiele is certainly my favorite in Hawaii (including the Prince, the Plantation, Poipu and Koolau - although I do want to get to Lanai). I played it three times last time I was there. Absolutely beautiful. And Duke's, pupus, and Lava Flows? Can it get much better after a round?

TZ - Thanks for another tip. Fortunately, $$ aren't that big of an issue - company trip.

AES - Thanks to you, too.

The anticipation level is really starting to rise....
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Aloha & Welcome. I would not be much help on the golfing info because I do not golf, but I can ask my boss who is an avid golfer and be back with that info tomorrow.

As for restaurant I usually focus on byo places but have a list for you.

Hawaii Regional Cuisine:

Alan Wong's - S. King St.
3660 On the Rise - Waialae(Kaimuki)
L'Uraku - Kapiolani
Lots more but these are the ones I enjoy the most.


Donato's - Manoa Marketplace
C&C Pasta Company - BYO - Waialae
Sergio's - Waikiki


La Mer - Halekulani
Le Guignol - BYO - Waialae


Hale Vietnam - Kaimuki


Singha - Ala Moana(expensive for Thai food)
Chiang Mai - King St.


India House - King St.

Wine Bars

Formaggio - Market City

Wine Shops

Tamura's - 10th/Waialae
Fujioka's - Market City - Kaimuki Ave.
Vintage Wine Cellars - Wilder Ave.

Many other great places so if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


A few additions and comments to above posts.

Alan Wong's So. King St. (Same Place)
Also has a less expensive restaurant called the Pineapple Room at Ala Moan mall that has good food for a lot cheaper.

Padovanni's has really slipped in the last year or so, and for the price is no longer worth the visit. There wine bar is not as great as it once was and I would go to Formaggio in a second over it.

Chef Mavro -McCully/S. King St.
- Great chef, good food just not a place I frequent

Indigo- Nuuanu/Hotel St.
- Great location and ambience in Chinatown. Good food and a nice place to hang out at. Wine list is nothing special.

Restaurants on the mainland as well: decent

Palomino - Ala Moana/Bethel
Roy's - Hawaii Kai

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