October 2018 - what's for dinner?

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I have prepared for tonight the very best boeuf bourguignon, a tremendous, elevated, and modified version of the traditional classic, for my family and guests, yet six are unable to arrive as they broke down in the Bay area. This comforting and rustic dish is "perfect" for a chilly fall evening such as tonight, positively! Tonight's fare will be served atop my "famous" mashed potatoes and aside buttered peas, as Julia would approve, naturally! With this dish, as we spring into Fall, I shall serve it with a most delicious 1986 Chateau Margaux, and I trust you will agree, my dinner tonight will be better than yours, and if the perfect sweet potato pie dessert doesn't convince you, nothing will, I'll have you know  

There is food and wine for 10. For those of you in Sonoma who know where I reside... join us, won't you?


I'd like to remind you that this is the pig who mocked the #metoo movement. Here is one of the quotes from this pig, "I laugh, absolutely! I will have you know, Mr Hardy [sic] hardly stands a chance at feeling my Double D's, positively, as I would knee his big fat belly and duck to avoid his breath as the wind is knocked from him, defensively! He knows this to be true, as I am truly more influential...[blah, blah, blah.]"

Now remembering that this pig is a man, and not a woman, makes his posts even more offensive. Shame, shame, shame.

Oh yeah, on topic, I didn't have dinner, had to fast for a test.


Spiny lobster tails sous vide @120 for 15 min with ghee, cayenne, garlic, oregano, finished with a quick sear in cast iron where I chopped and added super ripe heirloom roma tomatoes and red pepper flakes for a buttery garlicy and thick tomato sauce. 
The shells and extra meat, legs and heads(cleaned) were chopped up, roasted, deglazed with rose and thrown in the Instant Pot and made a really nice stock for bisque (1 hr high pressure with white peppercorns, 1/2 lemon and a bay leaf).

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