October 2018 - what's for dinner?

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Smoked tri-tip sandwiches on homemade sourdough. 

bro.....  how much you bake?!?!?!?!

Not as often as some .  Not at your level yet, but yesterday was my best effort to date.  Baked in the Dutch oven and had almost the appropriate level of moisture in the dough.

Dry brined a small bone in NY strip yesterday, then cold smoked it with rosemary and wood chips, then sous vide for 1.5 hrs at 130. Tonight I seared it over hot mesquite coals and it was awesome with a grilled  tomato rubbed with mustard/anchovy/horseradish for the side with a local cote-roti red. I think the pre cold smoke added a nice layer of flavor to the beef that wasn't over powering.

I have prepared for tonight the very best boeuf bourguignon, a tremendous, elevated, and modified version of the traditional classic, for my family and guests, yet six are unable to arrive as they broke down in the Bay area. This comforting and rustic dish is "perfect" for a chilly fall evening such as tonight, positively! Tonight's fare will be served atop my "famous" mashed potatoes and aside buttered peas, as Julia would approve, naturally! With this dish, as we spring into Fall, I shall serve it with a most delicious 1986 Chateau Margaux, and I trust you will agree, my dinner tonight will be better than yours, and if the perfect sweet potato pie dessert doesn't convince you, nothing will, I'll have you know  

There is food and wine for 10. For those of you in Sonoma who know where I reside... join us, won't you?


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