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Best wines of the WSWE Grand Tasting:

2004 Unico
2010 Dominus (one of the best CA wines I have tasted in a long time)
2000 Montrose
2006 Masseto
2007 Fuligni Riserva
1999 Flaccianello
2005 Emidio Pepe Montipulciano d'Abruzzo
2009 d'Yquem
2010 Lynch Bages
2011 Gaja Sori San Lorenzo

Biggest diappointments:

2004 Dom Perignon
2010 Sassicaia
1994 Ridge (think I tasted an off bottle)
2008 Cerretalto
2008 Montosoli
2010 Harlan Estates
2011 Spottswoode
2011 Bruno Giacosa Falleto

Got to see a few people I have not seen in years. Always a good event. Would be better if numbers were more limited.
Last night we had 2001 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneuf du Pape, still fairly dark, with a nose of sweet ripe fruit, lots of plum, berry, truffle, spice cake notes, very silky, medium-long finish with rich fruit and very little tannin remaining, fully mature and delicious; might last a few more years but probably better to drink now.

Biggest diappointments:

1994 Ridge (think I tasted an off bottle)

I'm assuming this is the Monte Bello? Our group had is as part of a blind horizontal and had the same conclusion. I mentioned while there in August and our host smiled and politely said the 94 isn't the best example but to try the 92 instead. Interested to hear other experiences.
Originally posted by steve8:
Originally posted by on the wine:
2002 Quebrada de Macul Domus Aurea

What's this wine like at 12 years old? I've had it a few times, but always significantly younger.

I thought the Domus Aurea tasted surprisingly fresh and youthful, no sign of age. It was probably the best bottle I have had. And worth mentioning that I store my wines in a passive cellar. It is quite stable (temp usually in the mid-to-upper 60's) and no humidity control.
Originally posted by mangiare:
2001 Pavie - opened this morning and decanted for 3 hours. I'm liking everything about this wine so far.

Longboarder, I'd be interested in anything you could add to the 2010 Sassicaia. Everything I've read has been positive. Thanks.

Probably suffered from tasting right after the Masseto (they were back to back). Just did not WOW me. Was really closed down which is probably what disappointed me. I should have expected from a 2010 Sass.

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