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Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
Just read your notes.

I wonder if your bottle was off. I certainly expected a youn, high-alcohol, bruiser. However, the '05 Kayli I had was excellent and didn't over-power at all. That's actually what surprised me about it.

Could yours have seen some heat at some point?

I also read your thoughts on the Diamond Creek and aged Bordeaux in general.

I'll offer my 2 Cents

I agree that 80's Cali Cabs have aged beautifully and drink very, very well. Even the early 90's cabs are aging gracefully, and in some cases, beautifully.

However, there was a style shift in the late 90's that persisted for most of the first decade of the 2000's resulting in (and I'm generalizing) "bigger" wines.

I'm not convinced these bigger wines will age the way 80's Dominus, Mondavi, Diamond Creek, Heitz, etc aged.

The '97 vintage, which is a poster-boy of sorts for the modern style, is not drinking very well these days. Sure, there are exceptions and stand-outs, but by and large, it's past its prime.

My point being, don't get too excited about aging the current releases too long. At the very least, check in on them regularly (you own a Coravin, don't you? Wink)

2004's are drinking spectacularly right now, and I'd say they are mostly at their peak, with some still needing some time in the cellar. However, I don't think that in 2031 anyone will be talking about how great the 2004 Diamond Creek is drinking.

Jorge . . . I actually wondered about the temp on my Hundred Acre . . . the Kayli Morgan last night really shocked me. I have never had a Hundred Acre that tasted so much of alcohol.

The only temp >60 this bottle saw was in fact yesterday. I was working in Chicago and had the bottle in my suitcase. The office space where I was working stored my suitcase in a room that, when I entered it to retrieve my suitcase, was incredibly warm . . . probably not as high as 80 degrees but somewhere in the mid to high 70s. Since it was only in that room for ~3-4 hours, I had hoped that no damage was done. But, I think this might be the culprit.

Tomorrow night I am going to Coravin another 2005 just to see if there is a notable difference. If there is, I will then know what's up
2011 Castello di Neive Cortini Pinot Nero - very Burgundian.
2010 Castello di Neive Barbera d'Alba Santo Stefano - the best Barbera I have tasted in several years and on par with best in Piemonte
2008 Castello di Neive Barbaresco Santo Stefano - very young but a wonderful nose. The wine had been opened for approx. 4 hours and splash decanted.

The owner of Castello di Neive was in town and we had dinner last night. He owns the Santo Stefano vineyard and had sold grapes to Bruno Giacosa for years. That arrangement has come to an end and there will be no more Santo Stefano Barbaresco
From Giacosa.
I have an off-line tonight that I'm attending against my better judgement.

A good friend is already busy cooking this morning a number of things he recently killed with his little bow and arrow. Big Grin Anyway, the theme is a blind tasting of Syrah from anywhere and any style.

I was all for Syrah, but not in such a wide open format, but I was outvoted. Grrrrr! Crazy
Originally posted by mangiare:
Slight thread drift. Longboarder, have you tried any Giacosa wines from 2008 and/or later? Given the circumstances at the winery, wondering if the negative press is justified or just response to the changes at the winery.

The only 2008 Giacosa wine I have tasted is the Falleto Riserva Barolo. It was so very young that I could not judge it today but had nice fruit and huge tannins that should age gracefully, although slowly. I feel the 2007 Asili Riserva is one of the best young Nebbiolo based wines I have ever tasted.

Lots of changes at Giacosa and it will be interesting to see what eventually shakes out. Bruna was in NYC pouring the '08 Red label Barolo at the WS wine Experience last week. IMO she looked tired and did not talk nearly as much as she normally does.
Left Bank Bordeaux tasted blind last night with my Tuesday night group:
(Edited to list the wines from my favorite to least)

2003 Ch. Lascombes Margaux (my #1)
1989 Ch. Lynch Bages (my #2)
2007 Alter Ego de Palmer (my #3)
2000 Ch. Giscours, Margaux
2003 Ch. Bel Air St-Estephe
1996 Lafon Rochet, St-Estephe
2005 Ch. La Doyenne Prem. Cotes de Bordeaux (I think this is actually a Merlot-based right-banker, hence a ringer)
2003 Ch. Ferriere, Margaux
2010 Ch. Haut-Mayne Graves
1997 Clos du Marquis St-Julien
2004 Ch. Bernadotte Haut-Medoc
1994 Baron de Brane (2nd wine of Brane-Cantenac, very lacking in fruit, my 2nd least favorite)
1996 Chasse-Spleen Moulis (my least favorite, seemed OTH)

Non-blind sidebar reds:
2005 L'Aventure Estate Cuvee
2010 Pascal Marchand Corton G.C.
2010 Anne Amie Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
2011 Melville Syrah Clone 99

Dessert wines (non-blind):
2003 Ch. Climens Barsac (fantastic)
2005 Ch. de Malle Sauternes
2005 La Fleur des Pins Graves Superieures
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