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Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:
I had what he had. Notes imbedded.

Originally posted by VinCentric:
Last night with Mangiare et al.

1996 Bollinger Grand Annee - Bollinger was like a lead weight, amazingly heavy but wonderful. Still youthful with good fruit, but very much a food wine.

1985 Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut L'Oenothèque Champagne Charlie - the Charlie wasn't as fresh as a few years ago but still youthful and evolved amazingly. The half hour of fresh ground espresso it went through about an hour in was amazing.

1993 Dom - Quite dark and at the end of maturity before it starts to sink into old age.

1990 Beaucastel white CdP - Wonderful once it warmed up. Nuts and marzipan.

2004 Domaine William Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos - Remind me to buy this. Went with everything and just got better over the hour it was in my glass.

2003 Gravner Breg Anfora - Heavy spruce on the nose, this right at the beginning reminded me more of heavily cascade hopped IPA. It settled down a little though. Very interesting and good but obviously very different.

1982 Gruaud Larose - Close to my WOTN (Though also benefited from a non fatigued palate). You would say it was late 90's at the oldest.

1986 La Conseillante - Superb nose.

1999 Costanti Brunello di Montalcino mag - Kept getting better through the night.

87 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow - Spun sugar and caramel
1991 Mondavi Reserve - starting to lose focus. Good
1992 Dominus - see above

1998 Giacomo Conterno Cascia Francia - Everyone needs some type of wine that they don't like. This is mine. Very much more mature than the date would suggest it was all violet, rose and tar. Gives me a headache like old lady perfume.
1996 Aldo Conterno Barolo Cicala - Better than above but still not my personal cup of tea.

1997 Chave Hermitage - My palate was tired but boy this was good.
1998 Jaboulet Hermitage - See above but better.

1994 Dominus mag - Tired palate. This was young/mature Cali. Good. Can't remember much else.
2006 SQN Raven Syrah - Blueberry syrup and vanilla never tasted so good. Like ratatouille in a Michelin 3 star, something that is almost garbage from many people is brought to a higher existence. It was too big and over the top and extracted like so much plonk out there but done so well it was magnificent.

1983 Chateau Gilette - Always less mature than the vintage would suggest as it isn't released for years this was great. Candied orange peel and spun sugar.
1977 Fonseca - Christmas in a glass sitting next to your alcoholic uncle. Cloves and other Christmas spices, dark sugar, fruit and very very boozy (from the second it was opened until it was consumed 28 hours later). A little thin and I was disappointed with it (I could be, it was my bottle!).

A little late responding. Great night with too too much food. I'd have to agree with Rob for the most part other than enjoying the 1998 Conterno Barolo.
One thing I noticed at this dinner and for the past year or so is my personal diversion from older Cali cabs. For the most part, I've always enjoyed them from the 70's, 80's , and 90's but they just don't have the stuff (FOR ME)that I enjoy in a mature wine. I realize this is a huge generalization but when tasting head to head with mature French and Italian wines, I know where my preferences lie. It was especially obvious to me at this dinner.
That being said, I have quite a few in my cellar that need to be drunk eventually.

Lots of fun and looking forward to next year if my arteries permit.
Originally posted by steve8:
Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:

1998 Giacomo Conterno Cascia Francia - Everyone needs some type of wine that they don't like. This is mine.

The Woody Allen of wine? Wink


I've come to the realization that I don't usually like middle aged and older Barolo. I am really sensitive to the old rose petal/potpourri thing and it gives me a massive headache. The tar only adds to it. I'm fine with tar in other wines but the overwhelming floral top end with the heavy tar bottom end gives me a rough time.

It will end up saving me money though so I'm not complaining.
Over the past week plus:
2010 Barnard Griffin Syrah Reserve
2009 Le Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape
2012 Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap
2009 Barnard Griffin Merlot Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
2010 Clos du Mont-Olivet Côtes du Rhône Vieilles Vignes Montueil la Levade
NV Tenuta Santomè Prosecco Brut

The CdP was clearly the best, although it was still way early for it. I decided to crack one open just to see what it was like now.
Originally posted by Danyull:
Originally posted by wine+art:
Slow week but had a couple last night.

2002 Domaine Jean Noel Gagnard La Boudriotte Montrachet

1996 Domaine Jean Grivot Richebourg

How did the Grivot show? I love his Beaux Monts. I have not had the pleasure of the Richebourg.

It was very nice and enjoyable. I thought the finish fell a little short, but as I said, very nice indeed.

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