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KSCO2, here is my note from Cellartracker:

Very fine, persistent mousse. Notes of lemon blossom, butterscotch, apples, fresh bread dough. Initially had a scent reminiscent of a stuffy attic, but this dissipated quickly. Fresh, crisp, complex, subtle, delicious. Improved steadily over 90 minutes. 94 points.

Estimator, I baked/broiled at 325F (in a gas oven) for around 8 minutes as the recipe instructed. I used aluminum foil rather than a Silpat. I did rub a bit of olive oil on the foil first. The grated cheese turned brown but did not melt together. I think the cheese I used did not have enough moisture in it.
Roasted a boneless pork loin roast on a bed of apples, onions and fresh sage. Puréed the apples, onions, drippings etc with some potato water (from the mashed potatoes – adds some starch, a great trick for sauces and gravies!) into a nice smooth sauce. Had with squash roasted with butter & maple syrup and mashed potatoes.

Wine was a bottle of 2001 Louis Sipp Riesling Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé Vendanges Tardives.
Grilled dry-aged NY strip steaks, 2" thick each. A nice minestrone and baby spinach salad with assorted cheeses and warm filone bread slices. Apple cranberry fruit crisp with fresh muesli topping. Columbia Crest 2006 Chardonnay, Castillo de Almansa Reserva 2005 and Sleeman's beer variety pack for drinks. Apple picking in volume for the local food agency and my freezer during this week.
Friday night - grilled pork tenderloin, fettucine with butter and herbs, and a green salad. 2005 S.A. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese #21 and 2007 Beringer Pinot Noir Carneros.

Saturday night - grilled rib eyes, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed green beans, tomato salad. 2008 St. Clement Chardonnay and 2004 Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon Winemaker's Reserve.

Sunday night - grilled marinated chicken, red beans and rice, corn on the cob and a tomato salad. 2008 Santa Barbara Wine Company Pinot Noir.

Tonight - green chile chicken enchiladas. No wine.
Broke out the Vij's cookbook (Vancouver Indian institution) and tried the Prawns in Coconut Masala as an appy. Then followed it up with the Grilled Eggplant and Squash curry, pork tenderloin, spinach and fig stew and brussels sprouts with paneer and cashews. Went nicely with a JJ Prum Spatlese. Had a bit of fun trying to locating Fenugreeks seeds and Asafoetida but it was worth it.
Originally posted by jqmunro:
Originally posted by g-man:
pierre peters blanc de blanc with cantonese tongiht.

Nice, how did they pair up?

we had that fried beef with a red worchester style sauce, sauteed veggies, roasted duck and bbq ribs.

The champers was clean crisp and slightly sweet and really cut through the oil in the veggies and fried beef and then adding a nice touch of citrus and toast. The duck was a hit or miss as it was too salty for the champagne to do anything but clean your mouth.

Didn't get to the ribs when my glass was gone =(.
Dungeness crab steamed with nori seaweed and lemon sections; mashed garlic and chive dry russet potatoes; baby swiss chard and mesclun salad with old balsamic vinagrette dressing; assorted goat cheeses, truffle butter and multigrain baguette bread rounds. Apple something (different) for dessert. Ravenswood 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon for wine.

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