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lets crawl out of our hibernation holes and get together for a night of wine, food and laughs.
I am thinking sometime in May perhaps the weekend of May 18-20th.
Venue Peking Duck house perhaps
Theme Wines that don't suck

I will bring a vintage champagne and/or a vintage port.
Any takers????????????
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Yikes --- Summer is here lets plan something for fall or plan something for summer where we dink to much and fall. 

If nothing else a bbq and wine gathering at my house in august is in order.  Will toss in a vintage champagne, old dominus, older vintage port and a few things in between the three I mentioned. 

I have food, I have glasses, I have wine. People need to bring thirst and appetite. 

Thanks again for the trade port tasting event, was lots  of great port to be had, 


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