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Here are my notes from the NYC Brunello event at the Marriott Marquis. Mind you I am new at tasting Sangiovese but I will give you my best insight.

1997 Podere San Luigi - earthy, peppery, medioum finish, great wine
2001 Podere San Luigi - Fruity on the nose longer finish than the 1997

2001 San Felice Vigorello- fruit on the nose, earthy taste nice medium finish, a tad chewy
2001 Luiano Chianti- Berry on the nose nice short finish
1999 Carpineto Moulin Vecchio - Excellent finish very nice, my favorite of the tasting

2003 Ruffino, Modus IGT- Dark and smoky very chewy

2005 Zazzeri, Suggiolo IGT - peppery and smoky nice medium finish for a 2005

2003 Castello Banfi - Velvety medium finish
2001 Castello Banfi Riserva - nice medium finish oaky and peppery

2000 Rocca Delle Macie Ser Gioveto - Velvety and pleasant, again another nice medium to long finish

2001 La Fucina di Leonardo, Broncone - saome nice fruit on the nose medium finish earthy and velvety

2001 Verrazzano, Chianti Classico- berry flavor on the nose, nice long finish with hints of a smoky flavor

All in all in was a nice event but some of the 03 and 04 Brunello's were to young at least with my palate...
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Since the 2003s and 2004s are still in barrel and/or bottle, are you sure you're not talking about Rosso di Montalcino (unless producers brought barrel samples)? Also, the IGTs you mention - Modus, Ser Gioveto, etc, aren't Brunello. The Modus is a blend, whereas the Ser Gioveto is 100% Sangiovese, but not out of the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, and can't be labeled as such.

Thanks for the notes.
Well you are right, I should have titled my post as the Super Tuscan tasting and not Brunello. According to the pampplet given out the IGT of Modus was fron Ruffino and it was in a bottle. In fact they were all bottles. Now did they bottle this up prior to coming I am not sure. It was an industry tasting, but I did not inquire if they were bottled or still in the barrel. Thanks for bringing this point up though.

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