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The Crimes chose the 2007 Faust as numero uno. Turns out I just had this the other night at BLT Steak in White Plains, NY. After ordering two wines from the wine list that they didn't have (Neyers's Neyers Ranch-Conn Valley CS and Shafer Merlot), I left it to the maitre d' to find somehting they did have. He brought me the 2007 Faust (which I learned later was not on the wine list, so they either unloaded this on me or hadn't gotten around to updating the wine list). This is were I need to state that I am an unabashed fan of Faust owner Agustin Huneeus and a collector of Quintessa. But truth be told, I thought the Faust was a stinker - hollow core, empty on the palate, not alot going on. It wasn't delicious in itself and paled paired with a filet. Asimov admits that very likely better wines were left out of the tasting - i.e. Corison - but still IMHO this is a flub.
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I'll provide a small dissent. I tried the 07 Faust about two weeks ago, before it showed up in the NYTimes article. I didn't know anything about the wine/vineyard, so there was no bias here.

I thought the wine was quite good (91 pts), and very traditional Cali Cab with tons of big black fruits with a hint of nice spice. Overall not stellar, but certainly an enjoyable wine.

As a disclaimer, I tend to like my cabs more traditional, and I drink mostly mid-90s Napa classic producers. So someone who prefers this style may even score the wine higher for their palate.
That dissent is what I was looking for...glad to hear a differing view. Although I still expect the likes of the NY Times to do yourself said "overall not stellar" and it was their favorite wine for <$100. I am committing infanticide on Round Pond '07 right now and it cost me $45 and is 10x the wine that Faust is. Despite your welcome dissenting view, I think the verdict that the NYT flubbed stands.
When it come to wine ratings and selections, I feel newspapers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have no idea what they are doing. Are they trying to pick wines for the average Joe (which I think hardly represents their readership)? I leave my limited time for wine reading to the good folks at WS and TWA.

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