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VM, thanks for spilling the beans. I was told I would be receiving the award earlier this week and have been as giddy as a schoolgirl ever since.

It's personally extremely gratifying to be recognized by such a national organization. Especially since I was laid off in February by the company I did all this work for. As VM can attest, I was constantly on call on nights and weekends. Many was a tasting interrupted so that I could troubleshoot problems for the NASCAR Broadcasts on FOX and NBC.

BTW - We small potatoes actually have to purchase our statues. They aren't cheap, costing in excess of some CA Cult wines. But, I doubt Jennifer Aniston or James Gandolfini have to purchase their statues.
Congrats R2!
I bet you'll be the only person on your block to have one of these on the mantle!
I'm not into NASCAR but I do know it is the most popular spectator sport in the US, was this a public television documentary or a short clip for TV? Maybe you could tell us so we will know if we ever happen upon it while channel surfing!

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"
Very very cool. Must be pretty satisfying to use the sentence, "When James Gandolfini, Jehhifer Anniston and I won our Emmys..."

I bet you had better wine to celebrate than either of these guys.

True, but I bet Jennifer Aniston had better pot to celebrate w/ than R2 Eek Big Grin

R2, congrats!! Sell it on ebay and buy yourself another cali cult bottle!! Eek


"Drink up, me hardies, YO HO!"
Originally posted by Markus Randall:
Well, I admit I have little knowledge of NASCAR exept that it involves lots of fast cars and reckless driving

That's about it as far as I understand. I'm surprised there are no Finns in NASCAR based on that summary. Probably is one called Kyykky Kakkukkyyn or something, most Finnish drivers are Wink

"Life! Life: it's not what I thought it was"

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