Can you say "Best Bargain Ever"?

Phenomenal! Absolutely stunning for the price of $12 per 375ml! I’m going to steal some Parker descriptions here, but he hit it dead on … “notes of smoke, roasted nuts, coffee, brown sugar, maple syrup, prunes, honey, fruitcake … orange, and spice.” I totally agree with him. It also has an oily mouth-coating texture that goes on and on. It’s probably the top dessert wine I’ve ever tasted. Mmm, it’s better than jelly donuts! 95

Having had the Buller Muscat (RP 97) twice and given it a 93, I definitely prefer the Chambers.
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I agree with your notes. Altough it is $14-15 in Ohio. They also make a Muscadelle (Tokay). It is also very good. More raisin and fig notes. I don't even need to drink this in order to enjoy. The nose is awesome. Cool

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R2-D2 if you ever get your hands on the rare you will realise just how good it is. I buy it on QPR grounds.
NB I'm a local fanatic - if you call driving 2,000 miles to get it every 2 years local.
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I loved this and would score it a solid 94 points, but then again I love Aussie stickies and consider this one of the best I've had. Thick and treacly and reminding one of the best British-style Christmas puddings. In fact, I tasted the last dregs of this bottle against a fresh bottle of the NV Chambers Rosewood muscadelle, which I also love, and this one was clearly a cut above it, IMHO.

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Not to jinx it of course, but...

Lions rule!

If you think their Muscat is good, I'll have to bring a bottle of their Special Muscat (now known as Grand Muscat) to one of our get-togethers. According to Parker: "These are all non-vintage solera systems ranging in age from 7-10 years for the straight...Muscat, to around 70 years for the Grand cuvees..."!
Chambers is still a family firm. They have been operating from the same place since 1870. Bill Chambers qualified at Roseworthy in 1954 so must be close to handing over to the sixth generation.

In 1979 Bill Chambers gave me a sample of their oldest "Tokay" (aka Muscadelle). I can still taste it as I type - so intense and thick as to be indescribable - from a demi-cask (approx 10 gallons) of 85 year old wine. I licked the glass clean (literally), crass yes, but I wasn't going to miss out by leaving even the smell behind.

Their solera system is now quite unique (with perhaps Morris's, even though owned by a multi-national), and contains some of the oldest examples of both Muscat and Tokay in Australia. As other companies are subsumed into the giants so too doe the bean-counters blend away these treasuries of wine to the Gods of Turnover and Cashflow. It happened with Baileys of Glenrowan (though still a fine drop), however there is hope as I believe that Campbells are slowly developing a cellar of that depth.

Tsunami - the best of these wines are so intense, so thick ... unctuous ... that they can come as a shock to even experienced Port drinkers such as yourself. They are sweet, sweet beyond any other wine I have drunk - from anywhere else in the world. Sherries are "thin" by comparison (and of course utterly different, I'm not making a comment on quality) as are even estufa Madeiras.

I have to have two glasses - just to convince myself that something can really taste that good - result - heart-burn all night. Chambers IMO is the best, the most traditional and a company that has been able to continue to produce without compromise - as only proprietors looking to passing on to grand-children can. Buy the standard Rosewood to see if you like the wines - the "Grand" level is just that much better again and yes, I'd pay (have paid) $Aus 95 for the top of the line and not felt rooked.
No, but then I prefer the muscadelle to the muscat so there is a degree of bias.

It is not that I dislike Muscat - but I taste more depth of flavours in the Muscadelles. All this talk of Chambers - I'm going to have to open the last of the Rare Reserves I bought when I was over in Aus in 2000 ... Hogmanay seems an appropriate time.

Incidentally bman, the Warres '77 is holding up very well indeed and has become a really smooth offering - the sharp edges have gone at last.
Picked up a bottle of this in Buffalo after having several bottles of the muscadelle and frankly, losing my taste for it.

Medium sweet and light-bodied, especially for an Aussie stickie. Rose petals, creme caramel, orsange essence, peanut brittle, clove. Really light and subtle.

Not bad, in fact it was good, but I expected something more unctuous than this.

88 points, though others more fond of this style would no doubt score it much higher.
I attended a tasting of 7 different bottlings of the Rare at NO 5 in Auckland in 2002. It was very interesting with the oldest wines having an almost green colouring.

Now since Rutherglen has had a large off shore investment there has been a change to more commercial management of their solera with a reduction in the amount of older product reserved for the Rare and Very Old bottlings rather than utilised in the standard bottling. Its still amongst the best in Aussie but there has been a noticeable decline since the 1999 bottlings of the concentration of the wine.

Its still awesome wine for the money as is evident from the tasting note above (which Imo is pretty accurate- scoring IMO a little high) but if you can get your hand on some older bottlings (they are around down this end of the earth but even then are rare) they are worth the effort in finding them.

The easiest way to tell an 'older' bottling is the label is not gloss and the colour scheme is more mono chromatic.
N.V. Chambers Muscat Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen - Australia, Victoria, North East, Rutherglen (4/6/2009)

Found another bottle of this that wasn't showing in my inventory. Bought it for $11 per 375ml back in 2002. Opened it last night with an ice cream cake dessert. Copper brown color and clear. Thick and sweet. Notes of carmel and butterscotch. Seemed to be holding up very well with no signs of fading which you would expect from this type of wine. 91-92 points.


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