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Indian last night. Our "go to" place is closed for 6 weeks as the owners are on vacation in India.  So we tried a place nearby where we had been years ago.  Place was empty.  Brought a bottle of Bogle Zin, which stands up to the spiciness of Indian Food.  The food was ok.  But there were teeny gnats and teeny moths flying around during dinner.  I didn't care for that. There were 20 or so tables and we were the only diners in the place.  Very little carry out action.  We will not go there again.

Baltimore restaurant news:  A second Afghan restaurant is soon to open in the Hampden area.  The first one, The Helmand, is quite popular. Owned by Mr. Karzai, brother of the former Prime Minister of Afghanistan.  The second will do well too.  Looking forward to trying it out when it opens in January or February.

Ate at a local Italian restaurant last night.  Had a dish with eggplant and ground beef and cheese.  Ordered a Chianti.  Though the list said 2017, they brought a 2016, which was a somewhat better vintage all around, I think.  
noisy place. Won’t go back on a Saturday night probably. Tuesdays is half price bottle night.  Might do that.

@KateMidd posted:

I finally decided to lose weight so today there is baked salmon with vegetables on my plate. I do love cooking but most often just don't have enough time that's why I ate fast food. Speaking about weight loss, what are the best and most effective tips? Share your experience, please. I came across Xenical at online pharmacy and wonder does it really work?

certainly, don't do drugs.  But if you do wish to, being dead does help with weight loss.

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