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@mangiare posted:

Any chance we're drinking these too young?  Saw a review of a 1990 from Eric Guido that was favourable. Mine will either be going for a long rest or for sale.

Yeah, but 1990 was prior to the move by the modernists to aging in new barriques. More extraction, more oak tannins... I think the 1990 Clericos would be far more traditional.

Clerico was certainly one of the modernists, and unlike some who moved back towards the middle in the mid-2000s, Clerico continued to defend modernist principals until he died.

2018 Giant Steps Pinot Noir.  A few months ago steve8 wrote a review of the 2017.  The 2018 may be just a touch better.  Yumm, and looks like it will show well for a long time. Great VFM.

@steve8 posted:

I hadn't heard of this winery until WS released their 2019 Top 100 list which included the 2018 version of this wine. That made me search the website of our liquor monopoly and I found they had the 2017 versions of both the Yarra pinot and chardonnay for CDN$40. I tried the chardonnay earlier this year and while very good it didn't inspire me enough to go back and get more. Yesterday I exchanged a corked bottle of Ruffino Modus and $10 for the pinot noir.

Being an Aussie wine I was expecting this to be an in-your-face style but it isn't. Medium bodied, bright cherry flavours, allspice and well balanced. New world style for sure but very tasty. 92-93 pts. Around here it's tough to get a good pinot noir at this price level so I'm a buyer. Hopefully the SAQ gets the 2018 too.


2019 Pra, Soave Classico, Otto

2012 Nowack, Champagne, Les Bauchets, Extra Brut Pinot Noir

Very good, but not worth the price.

2012 La Bastide Blanche, Bandol

2015 Chamboulé, Cabernet Franc, S.A.C.R.E

Morissette must enjoy have ripe cab franc fruit to work with. This was really good.

2014 Stefania, Syrah, Besson Vineyard

Yikes. Massive. Much weightier than the previous bottles I had. Hold.

2012 Chateau Doisy-Daene, Barsac

Outstanding. Wish I had more.

@jabe11 posted:

2011 La Massa 'Carla' Toscana IGT

I'm curious how you liked drinking the Carla 6?

I've known Gianpaolo Motta (the winemaker) for many years and visit him regularly.  I've struggled to like Carla, it's just too big a wine for me.  The richness and concentration of the fruit exceed any other Sangiovese wine that I have drunk, although I think the later vintages have become a bit more nuanced and expressive.

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