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2012 Liquid Farm Golden Slope - Oak has integrated and I was pleasntly suprised by this.  Last time i had it, it was a big buttery oaky mess and now its really come around.

2013 Rolet Chardonnay Arbois

2013 Marie Courtin Effloresence - love this bottling. Was perfect foil to a well executed but eclectic tasting menu.

2005 Carlisle Two Acres - Lots of smokey meaty mourvedre goodness.  Could still age it at least another 5+ years.

2011 Vietti Perbacco

2015 Occhipinti SP68 Rosso - a rare sound bottle.

2012 Dom. des Aphillanthes CdR VV



2013 Domaine Nowack, Champagne, La Tuilerie, Extra Brut Chardonnay

2005 Vietti, Barolo, Rocche

2005 Chateau Lillian-Ladouys, St. Estephe

The Nowack was outstanding. Not a house I'm familiar with but I intend to be. The Vietti is drinking well. Not sure it will improve much, but I'll hold my other bottle for a few years to see.

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