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Originally posted by Mimik:
I recall it being a Bruno Paillard 1999. There was one in the system for 92$. You opened it up at J's bday with Steve8 at your place. I remember it being a champain and I liked it.
That, my friend, was a 1999 Philipponnat Clos des Goisses so you recall wrong Razz

PS I almost Confused bought 2 bottles of a 1998 Charles Elzer Ellner Wink Brut Champagne today. You would have been proud.
Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by ElToro:
@KSC02 - I'm thinking given that it's 9 years old it may have some tannins that are giving way? I'm thinking of cracking this along side an '07 Galardi for some contrast.

Let me know how that works for you Big Grin

And I do mean that sincerely. Smile

You got it buddy! Smile

So much to drink...
I'm now thankful for our country's dreadful wine pricing, I would be broke if I lived in the US from purchasing wine.

This week:

MV Krug
NV Pol Roger
NV Louis Roderer
1996 Krug (the only one priced anywhere near the original BC pricing)
1996 Dom Ruinart BdB
2000 Pierre Gimonnet Club BdB
1995 Leoville Poyferre
1999 Pride Reserve
2004 Robert Foley claret
Originally posted by DoktaP:
2007 DRC La Tache
2007 Beaucastel Hommage Jacques Perrin
2008 Clos des Papes
2007 Burrowing Owl Merlot
2008 Passage Rock “Reserve” Syrah (Waiheke Island)
1997 Beringer Private Reserve

Nice haul! There will be some pretty fine drinking in several years. Note to self-stay friends with the web

any experience withthe Passage Rock? It was a Garagiste offer and sounded great, as most of their offers do

Burrowing Owl is one best Cdn wines I've had in sometime, still a bit hot on the finish but richer than most Niagara reds
Originally posted by theweb:

Burrowing Owl is one best Cdn wines I've had in sometime, still a bit hot on the finish but richer than most Niagara reds

The '07 merlot is good, but I liked the '07 cab franc even better. Tried them all at a BC tasting a month or so back, and will probably end up buying a couple of each (merlot and cab franc)

Didn't like the syrah
Originally posted by mareff:
Originally posted by Cellar_Fiend:
Originally posted by mareff:
4 bottles of 1989 Yquem from a british actor.

LOL, if I lived in NY I would have had 24!!

Hopefully I get my 6 x 1975.

well its in between people...Hope you get your 1975 though, supposed to be a better bottle.

I've had the 1975 several times. It's wonderful and has a very long life ahead of it.

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